Wednesday, 27 April 2016

OTL plays The Teacher!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

It's super brilliant wonderful news that Archie Babe has managed to get released from the vet! Now all he has to do is behave himself and get back to eating again!

Holly had the 'Grumbly Tum' yesterday and she was off her food for a little while! You can't keep a good woofer down and she was back stuffing her face before we went to bed!

Now, you know Old Two Legs has had his eyeballs sorted and now he has been to the optician to get new lenses in his glasses. This means he has to hand over his frames to the optician to get the new lenses fitted.

No problem with that except that now he can't see to read or work on the computer! Everything is out of focus close up!

So, here is the excuse bit, he can't tell if the pictures are in focus or not!

That's his excuse and he is sticking to it!

Here is the first picture, taken of Miss April taking her medication first thing this morning.

Now is this in focus or not?

OTL says it was April who moved!
 Down on the beach we were sniffing for Nargle and even OTL couldn't mess up this one

In focus? Depends on where you look!
Heading along the grass path we walked very slowly so that he could get us in focus. It would have been better if he let us get closer 'cos at this distance we look more like a pair of ferrets!

Slowly, he is still twiddling with the lens!
Down on the beach he gave up, unless the ferrets were not moving. This was Miss May having a good roll in a sniff.

We all called out for her to 'Smile' and just once, it all seemed in focus!

 You know, it got so bad that Holly and I were waiting on the hill for ages waiting for the inevitable 'Click' as the shutter goes!

If he takes any longer, I'm going home!
 Lunchtime we were watching out for the rain that was all around us but OTL had looked at the radar and said he saw a 'Window of Opportunity' and off we went!

Is this the window?
While we were on the beach we spotted a load of Mini Two Legs being marched down to the beach.

Holly and I got off the beach and headed up the grass path out of their way 'cos we didn't want to be chased!

Fred and Wendy huddled together and asked if they eat any of them!

If they poke their fingers at us then we can bite them off!
OTL told them they had to be gentle with the Mini TL mob 'cos they had teachers with them!

While Fred and Wendy were having a sniff on the grass path, one of the teachers came up to OTL and asked if the Mini TL mob could see the ferrets?

OK, says OTL and picked up Fred and Wendy and went down to sit on the wall while the TL's gathered around.

It seems there were a number of TL's had seen ferrets before  but there were enough who hadn't and they listened to OTL tell them all about ferrets and how wonderful they were!

Wot a show off OTL was, you know Holly and I didn't even get a mention, it was all ferrets!

Holly and I sat behind OTL and after he had finished the Mini TL's all said 'Thank You' to OTL and they headed back to school while we headed off to the vets for some more medicine for April!

So, that was it really, back home Holly and I shared a Rawhide Chew, well, OTL cut it in half so Holly and I wouldn't argue!

As if!

We are off now to see what is for dinner, OTL's not us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties by the seaside, I'm so pleased to be home again and able to read your diary for myself. I hope OTL gets his glasses back soon, some of his photos had things in wot was out of focus or moved at the last minute but I'm not complaining, it's good to see some photos of you all again. Looks like Miss April is better at taking her medicine than me, now that I can't have my tablets in bananas. I hope her medicine is keeping her well. I bet those mini TL's were excited to meet up with Freddy and Miss Wendy and hear wot OTL had to say about them but I can't understand why they didn't want to know about you and Holly chops. I'm glad her grumbly tum has cleared up. I'm getting lots of snoozes and little walks, just out the front and not far from the house. My mum had to go to the vets this afternoon to pick up a muzzle they got in for me so that I can't pick up anything to eat on my walks. My mum was very cross cos someone had parked their car across our driveway and we couldn't get out but one of the neighbours came and put a tow rope on it and dragged it out the way. When we came back from the vets we found the person who was in their car and my mum blocked him in and nearly ripped his door off and she told him off, I reckon he's going to get the runs more than I did but good for my mum because she might have needed to get me to the vets very quickly. I was sitting in the car laughing, cos when my mum gets angry even I wouldn't want to mess with her. I went thru to counter at the vets to find my nurses and give them big licks and cuddles when we picked up my muzzle. I hope you get some muggings tonight from OTL, I'm on a very strick diet at the moment, I've lost just over a kilo thru being ill but my mum says thankfully I had it to loose so I may not need to be starved of scoff when I finally get better. I've got my mum right under the paw at the moment, when I want to get on the sofas I stand in front, give a little whimper and my mum lifts me up, I do the same when I want to get down. It's quite good fun being in charge. My mum has even cancelled my appointment at the groomers next week, now that's a result but I don't recommend going into the vets for almost a week to get out of a bath. Have a lovely evening all and I'm still wagging my tail. Love, licks and big sniffs from little Arch and Mr (I missed my little mate) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. So now the ferrets have more fans, they will tell their parents and the ferrets will have even more fans they tell others and so it goes on and you and Holly get no mention of the sacrifices you make to provide bed and board for them. Glad OTL will soon have his glasses and then he can see properly again, not long now before he can see what you are up to as well. Nice to see some blue skies, that is what we want at this time of year. xxxxxx