Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday is Fun Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

Well, today we over slept, which is a bit strange 'cos we fell asleep yesterday evening and only woke up in time to go to bed!

We don't mind really 'cos it is the Weekend and we are allowed to do stuff like that!

We had some fun down on the beach, I found a well chewed ball and Old Two Legs was throwing it for me to chase. It's a pity that the tide wasn't in 'cos I could have gone in for a swim!

Miss May was sniffing the air and her whiskers were all of a twitch. She could sniff something that would be a 'First' for her!

It's here, I know it's here, I can sniff it's here!
 She had a ferret around and the dived into the Sea Kale, well, we thought, it's just the plant sniff but she went in and was shaking something that wasn't going to see midday!

It was a Shrew! Within a few seconds May had chewed the head off and was looking for somewhere to stash the rest so she could come back tomorrow for 'afters'!

A little bit left for later!
It was lucky that OTL had the camera out 'cos she dived back into the Sea Kale and hid the rest of the Shrew for later!

Now I'd have a look at it but remembering back to Archie Babes troubles, (Giardia) I think I'll give it a miss this time thank you very much!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and OTL forgot the camera, plonker!

Mind you, we did visit the Sea Kale but both Freddy and Wendy decided that the dead Shrew was disgusting and there was no way they were going anywhere near it!

We had some pictures sent to us by The Missus of just what they were all getting up to!

Now these were all taken by Ethan on his camera he got as a present!

OTL reckons he is getting better all the time!

How about some Duck Soup?
 Of course, once Duck Soup was mentioned they all cleared off!

Duck Done Gone!
 Then he decided to stick to trees and flowers, at least they won't get up and run away!

A super shade of yellow!
 Next he tried some 'Macro' work on this blue plant, I reckon the colours are super!

Well, it's not a Blue Bell
Finally he got really close to this Fried Egg Plant, well, we are not sure that is it's name but they do look like a fried egg!

Fried Eggs for tea?
 So, we have had a good day and as soon as OTL finishes on the computer we are off for some dinner.

We have got Doggy Scoff 'cos OTL forgot to get our chicken out of the freezer, he also forgot to get his curry out as well so he is on some sort of scoff as well!

See you all tomorrow!

Lick and Wag to Archie Babe!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Wow, young Ethan is very good with his camera, what beautiful pictures. Shame about the ducks doing a runner. Well, who would have thought, Miss May the hunter, well done for catching the shrew, hope it's family don't miss it too much though. I think Freddy and Wendy did the right thing by giving it a miss. Well done Daisy for not getting to close and personal as well, we don't want anymore poorly woofers. Glad you all managed a lay in after such a busy couple of days, shame about the doggie scoff but I expect with being so busy OTL forgot all about the feeding. Did you and Holly share your doggie scoff with him, you could suggest he gets a take away, something like plawn clackers and flied lice and have a share of that with a bit of shortbread and a nip for pudding. Sounds like Mrs TM is having a good time with them little TL's, taking them down to the park. I bet she is missing you lot terribly though. Little Arch was sorry that he couldn't come home tonight and read your blog but I've told him how busy you've all been. I've taken his bed and his teddy in to him so he'll be able to snuggle down at bed time, he's getting lots of cuddles and love from the vet and the nurses. Have a lovely evening all. Love from little Arch's mum, little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. They are really lovely pictures from Ethan, he really did well and remembered to take the camera as well, double well done. Not surprised the ducks headed off at the mention of Duck Soup, I love the one foraging under the water. Hope dinner wasn't such a disaster as it sounded, curry and chicken tomorrow then, we had Chilli which I haven't made for ages and ages. You didn't fancy headless shrew soup, umm, no neither do I but well done for sniffing it out. So sorry little Archie is still at the vets, I bet he misses home and his mum, lovely that the nurses make a fuss of him, hurry up and get well. xx. Hope TM is well and managing with Auntie Jane while their mum and dad are away, she will soon be back commanding her side of the bed back. xxxxxx

  3. Hello Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy, Freddy de Ferret and OTL.
    I think your well chewed ball sounds much better than May's well chewed shrew. What a master hunter she is! The photos of ducks and egg plants are really good. Some people are obviously better at remembering cameras than others. TM must be having lots of fun with the little TL'S and Auntie Sue. Has TM taught them how to slap glue & glitter yet?
    Sorry I've not been writing for a while. Mum has been busy at work and then she was out drinking jugs of cocktails apparently. I don't know why anyone would drink a jug of chicken tails but these two legs do strange things when they go out on their own at night. We've been having some lovely sunny walks up here. A nice farmer man brought all the little lambs to the fields and left lots of tasty treats in the lane. So far there's been no midnight grumbly tums so mum's happy.
    Talking of which we are sorry to hear that poor Little Arch is still away from home. I'm glad that he is getting lots of cuddles but he must really be missing home and his mum. We send him lots of get well soon wishes.
    Hope OTL remembers to get out some decent food for you and him tomorrow. Expect you'll all be glad when TM gets home again.
    Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx