Friday, 1 April 2016

Wot a Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Fun Time' Freddy de Ferret here again!

You know there was ice on the windscreen this morning! Mind you, Old Two Legs was up early and  dashing about 'cos he had an early appointment at the hospital to get his eye checked and make sure it was working!

So, after scraping the ice off it was a dash down to the beach for some 'Speed Wee'ing'! OTL had forgotten to bring the camera, so we were hurried along and told to 'Get on with It'!

Holly and I got left at home and The Missus was taken along so she could drive the car back home. You see they put stuff into OTL's eye that makes his eyes look really weird!

Back home he found his 'Really Cool' sun glasses and off we went for the lunchtime walk.

Wendy was allowed out for a run and because it was sunny, she had a great time sniffing all the sniffs she had missed over the past week!

Poor old Freddy got left behind as soon as he paws touched the ground!

She said it was good to feel the grass again! 

Oi! Speedy Knickers, Wait for me!
 While they were playing games Holly and I found this really Yucky Sniff that we had missed this morning. I gave it a 'Marker Wee' and had it in mind to visit it on the way back to the car!

Just get a Load of this Sniff!
 Down on the beach we had a run around and even got to dig some holes. Miss Wendy said that her tummy was cold because the vet had shaved off her fur for the operation.

OTL said that if she was too cold she could get back in the bag for a small carry.

She got picked up a few times and even Freddy managed to blag a ride up to the bench on top of the hill.

It looked so funny with them both in the bag together having a little cuddle!

This is the way to do our walking exercise!
Freddy decided he was going to have a snooze now that he had managed to get into the bag. Soon he was fast asleep.

The problem with Freddy is that he is not a 'Quiet' sleeper and before long it started!

OMG! He has started to snore, Again!
 It wasn't too long before they were both emptied out and made to walk all the way back to the car!

Holly and I raced ahead and I found that sniff again and I had a really good roll!

It was one of those rolls that sort of oozes all around your shoulders and half way down your back!

I was tied up in the back of the car and OTL had to wind down the window all the way home!

Then I got washed, everywhere, and there wasn't a place that was left unwashed!

Holly and I were in the Poo again, only I was more than Holly 'cos she didn't get a chance to have a go at the sniff!

OTL had to drop of a load of stuff in the afternoon and Holly and I had to stay at home!

Mind you, when OTL got back we noticed a soft sniff of Chicken Fillets, so, we know where he had been!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to one of her master classes so we will be with OTL all day!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy. Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening all, I thought perhaps you'd all gone for an early snooze tonight. It was very frosty here first thing, my mum had to scrape the windscreen on the car to come home from work. So did OTL's eye pass it's test? Honestly Daisy, how do we let these TL's know that we cannot do speed weeing, there is too much involved in a good wee to hurry it. Glad to see that Miss Wendy got out for a good run on the beach, shame about a chilly tummy though. Now how cruel is it to wake up a snoring Freddy and tip him out and make him walk, I was considering packing up my toys and moving in with you but I think I might just have to think again. Talking of cruel TL's my mum is at it again today, making me walk for miles and miles. Everytime I stop for a sit down or to let her know we're passing a short cut home, she just tugs on the lead and says "come on, keep up". We walked that far today that she had to go to town to buy a new pair of boots because she has made holes in the toes of her boots, she also had to buy some patches to put over her old ones in an effort to get one more walk out of them. I'm seriously considering not giving out anymore cuddles or licks. Well done for getting a good roll in a super sniff, did you do the dive and roll or just the roll to get it all over? I like the dive and roll, that way you can dive in one side then roll then stand up and dive in on the other side and roll, that way you get even coverage. Hope Mrs TM has a good day at her master class tomorrow, is she using her bike to get herself and all her glue there? I'm off to bed now, if my little legs can manage the stairs, if not I shall stand at the bottom and insist on a carry up. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow, tell OTL the pictures are lovely. Love, licks, sniffs and yawns from little littler Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Sounds like you found a really super sniff today. Did you leave any of it for another day or did you manage to bring it all home on your back? What a shame you had to wash it all off. It's lovely to see Wendy out and about again and hopefully her fur will grow back soon so that she doesn't get a chilly middle. Freddy will soon loose that dragging tummy running to catch up with Wendy. I think she missed running on the grass. We've been for a lovely alk today all the way around a big Park called Avery Hill. It is where our Mum trained to be a teacher and her friend that she trained with came with us. It was a long walk and we met lots of woofers, friendly ones, lively ones, playful ones, noisy ones and very noisy ones who would not stop woofing at all the dogs they met. Hamish was the perfect gentleman but I preferred to meet them from behind mum's legs...
    We hear that our Mum and Rizzo's mum are going to TM'S master class so we get to stay at home with Rizzo for the day and play with all her toys. Hope you got to tasts those chicken fillets. Love, licks, wags and woofs from Izzy xxx

  3. Sniff n roll days are the best!!

  4. Sniff n roll days are the best!!

  5. Lovely to see Wendy and Freddy getting on so well and sharing a carrying bag, if only he didn't snore! Nice warm day today again and Ian came with our Daisy and her friend Lara who came to your Summer Fare last year, we all went to Capstone Park with a picnic and the girls charged around the play area, found a Cadbury's Creme Egg in the lake, Ian fished it out and put it in the bin (it had partly come out of its wrapper and was a grey colour) you would have had a nice sticky roll around knowing you. Lara is a bit messy, manages to get crumbs everywhere, popcorn in her hair but best of all, Ian had taken them to Costa for a Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and Lara not only had chocolate around her mouth but the top of the cup had left a big brown half circle on her forehead!
    TM busy tomorrow so have a good day, Grand Prix weekend again so some TV to watch, try not to roll in anything else for a while or I can see you being exchanged for a ferret, as if. xxxxxx