Friday, 6 May 2016

I'm in Trouble, again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

We were out this morning with May and April and you will be pleased to know that the Sore Paw is not so red and sore and Old Two Legs even thinks it has gone down in size! We will know more tomorrow morning when OTL has another look.

April says that it is not so painful to walk on! So, it looks like the Anti-Biotic Stuff is working!

Look! I've even had a dig!
Of course, Miss May not only had a dig but she managed to have a good roll in the hole she dug as well!
Bet you woofers can't do this!
Coming off the beach we spotted Kelly the Kestrel looking for breakfast and May said the she 'Fancied her Chances' and could we get him down on the ground?

OTL told her to stop trying to start a fight and get on with her Ferreting!

Come down here and try it!
You know that Aprils paw is getting better 'cos she walked all the way back to the car without trying to blag a lift in the ferret bag!

We got some chicken for breakfast so while OTL was down his customers again, we enjoyed a good snooze on the bed!

Now, lunchtime, well, it was just Great!

It started off with Wendy running all over the beach digging holes. A real game of Ferret Whizz and Dig!

Here comes the Fast Flying Ferret!
Not to be out done, Freddy said he was going to have a rest on the beach and do some work on his tan! Holly asked him if he had got any Factor 30 Cream but Freddy said that he tans naturally!

Soon I'll be Golden Brown all over!
The best bit was when OTL found a stick and was waving it about and teasing me!

Well, he wasn't going to get away with that so I told him didn't I.........!

 We then had a game of 'Chase the Stick and I had a swim as well!

The waves were a bit rough but that wasn't going to stop me!

OK, here I go!
Up the top of the hill we met up with Poppy and Beau who came over to say hello to the ferrets. Now, that was OK and we all had a Tail Sniff and a look at the ferrets and then another Tail Sniff.

Then it was time to go.

Well, that's what the Two Legs decided but Poppy didn't agree with that so we had to leave her being dragged along the path as Poppy was saying that she wasn't ready to go yet!

But I don't want to go yet Mum!
Back home OTL was back on the computer trying to get all the stuff finished before the weekend starts, so we left him alone for a while!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Wot a lovely sounding day you've all had. Wot's this I hear about tomorrow, OTL sneaking off to do some playing with his camera while Mrs TM goes slapping glitter and glue? I hope you're not all going to be left home alone. Lovely photos today, I know how Poppy feels about not being ready to go home when she's having a lovely time with her mates. Glad to hear Miss April's paw is feeling and looking better, hope it all continues. Have a lovely evening and make sure you get lots of muggings to make up for being left home alone tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely to see you all today enjoying yourselves and Miss Aprils' paw improving is a bonus. OTL teasing you with that stick but you did get a warm swim at the end. Maybe Poppy will be out tomorrow when you are out so you can meet up again, I hope TM has a lovely colourful day and you get more chicken and a nice warm walk. xxxxxx