Thursday, 26 May 2016

Just over the border!

Och Eye McWoofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret here again!

Now, sorry we didn't get to up load the blog yesterday, Old Two Legs tried to wreck the big car and had to do some 'emergency repairs' (hit it with wheel wrench!) and that was before he could find a friendly garage man to hit it with a bigger hammer!

You see it was like this................................

OTL has seen some pictures of the Cullin Mountains, taken from a place called Egol. Now the road stops at Egol and it doesn't have a very smooth car park. Couple that with the boat trips to see the seals and other water type animals, it gets a bit crowded. In fact, as OTL says, '.......this is near on bl..dy impossible'!

Well, seeing that we were in a 4x4 OTL drives over some rocks and there is a small scrapping sound underneath the car. 'Don't worry' says OTL and starts on about sump guards and stuff like that!

Of we go, clutching camera and tripod and headed for the beach.

OTL got all 'Arty' and tried several ways of taking the picture and this one was using a 'Big Stopper' which means you have to have a long exposure and that makes the water all misty, well, that was the plan but the water wasn't doing much and it ended up as a sort of foggy look in the water!

Yes, he has even climbed one of the mountains, known as the In Pin!
Holly and I left him to it and went off exploring all the sniffs. We got called back and had to sit still while he took some pictures of us!

Holly Chops trying to 'Out Tart' me!
We did suggest that for a change, we should have one of OTL as well. The Missus was refusing to be photographed unless she was ten miles away, so, Holly and I had fun with the 'Delay' button and every time it got close to taking the picture, we had a wriggle or looked the other way!

Missed Again!
 Now, all that was OK but we had to get home so OTL took a look at the underside of the car to find out what was causing the graunching noise!

The underneath of the car has some aluminium sheet things that are screwed to the floor so as to protect the transmission shaft and other things. Now, OTL, riding over the stone had made a bit of a dent in it. When we wanted to go backwards the stone thought it was very rude to try to lift it out of its nice warm bed it had been in for several millions of years!

'See You Jimmy' it said and grabbed the aluminium sheet and shoved it into the transmission shaft!

'Ouch!' said the transmission shaft and tried to eat the aluminium sheet!

So, there we were with the back wheel up on a couple of rocks OTL had made into a ramp and had driven the car back so the wheel was up in the air!

Under the car went OTL with a wheel wrench to bend it all out of the way so it wouldn't make such a terrible noise. After some thumping and bashing and 'Ouch! You B*&5S' OTL managed to make it quiet!

Getting out from under the car we all noticed he had been laying on a couple of freshly dropped sheep poo's!

OTL was a right pongy person!

Off we went and found a garage, with ramps and a man with a big hammer!

So, by the time we had done all that and got home, it was just too late to do the blog!

We are now back in Gretna and looking forward to some Flied Lice, Plawn Balls and some Plawn Clackers!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret.


  1. Afternoon McGodwin Clan. Well we're very pleased to hear from you, my mum was thinking of texting Mrs TM to see if all was ok. Sorry to hear about that rude rock that wanted to keep you up there in the north type place. My mum has been very busy guessing wot words OTL might have used, I've had my ears covered. The pictures are beautiful, specially the ones of you and Holly chops. I bet you're all looking forward to your flied lice and plawn clackers this evening. Does this mean that your holibobs are nearly over and you're on the way back home? I hope OTL managed to get a shower after rolling in sheep poo, I think you should call him a smelly nelly, fancy him rolling in it after all he says to you and Holly when you have a roll. I wonder wot Mrs TM said to him. Well if you are on your way home we wish you all a very safe and pleasant journey. Don't forget to sing out loud when you pass thru Hertfordshire so that I know you're on your way. Have a good evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my goodness what a catastrophe, what beautiful pictures and how wonderful a video would have been of Mechanic Two Legs in action. Margaret rang whilst I was reading and she thanked me for giving her such a laugh, does OTL want her address so he can visit with the big hammer? They really are beautiful scenes, absolutely. xxxxxx