Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Day For Rolling in Sniffs!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret here again!

The Missus is pleased with her You Tube Video and has returned the laptop to us!

The weather has been 'Acceptable' like, not too hot and not too cold!

On our way down to the beach Holly came across a irresistible sniff and got into trouble by having a roll!

I don't care, I just Got To Roll!
 Miss April rode in the ferret bag all the way down to the beach but she was soon into hole digging as soon as her paws hit the beach!

This is a 'Hole' lot of fun!
 Miss May was soon after April and down onto the sand to dig her own hole!

This is how to dig a hole!
I was down in the water having a 'Deep Paddle' and spotted a container ship out on the horizon.

Another 'Tick' in the record book!

You just can't beat an early morning dip!
 April says that although digging in the sand is fun, she still prefers the grass sniffs and rolling in the clover!

No sand in your claws here in the grass!
Lunchtime Miss Wendy was first on the beach and she soon set about ploughing the beach with her nose!

Brrrm, Brrrm!
Holly spotted another ship and she said it was a 'Gravel Gulper' on it's way out to the gravel banks!

I Eat Gravel!
 Mind you, Holly said she felt 'Lazy' today and spent some time 'Resting' in the beach!

I could do with a cushion to rest my chin on!
 Young Freddy was having a great time under the Sea Kale plant, he said there was a slug and he was having 'Discussions' regarding ownership of the Sea Kale bush.

Freddy said that he had 'impressed' upon the slug just how sharp a ferrets teeth are!

Mmmmmm! Tasty!
 Back home we all settled down for a snooze before dinner!

Hey! It's good news that Archie Babe is cutting down on the medication. Having to chew on all of those pills don't half give you a thirst!

On Friday we have got to attend the vet 'cos it is time for our Worming Tablets. They taste horrid and it is always a laugh spitting them out again after OTL has wrapped them in Yum Yum food to tempt us to eat them!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Firstly you are naughty to spit out the worming piles if you had visiting worms you would not like it so be good and pretend they taste like chicken. Your beach will be full of holes at this rate but then you will have a bunch of happy ferrets. Not been bad today although it is raining now, no harm in a little roll, it's like a little paddle. Just about to tuck into some Naan bread, I will think of you. xxxxxx

  2. yoooohoooooo maties. Wot a good day you've all had. Now that Holly chops is getting very brave, rolling in a sniffy sniff and not worrying about wot OTL will say. I hope Freddy didn't use his teeth to impress the slug too much, slugs have yukky germs and things and Freddy wouldn't want unpaying lodgers living in his tummy or he might have to have worming tablets as well. The more you spit your tablets out the more goodies you get to take them with. My vet was very pleased to see me today, she missed me but she said I don't need to go back for another month, now that just won't do, I can't have my girlfriends missing me for a whole month so I'll just have to think of something to get back down there for my cuddles. I'm staying on my capsule for my tummy and I'm down to half a steroid tablet but my vet thinks I should stay on it for a little bit longer cos it's only a very little bit. I got lots of cuddles this morning at the surgery, I don't know how those nurses get by without seeing me and having licks from me. My mum told them I'd be back once a week to get weighed, my vet says I'm looking good, is she kidding? Of course I look good, I'm little Arch. My mum and my boy did a sneaky today, they snuck off for dinner out at lunch time, I wasn't very impressed but my mum made it up to me by having a siesta when she got home. It's been a beautiful sunny day here but it's raining now so I'm going to snuggle up on the sofa and have a pre bed snooze. Happy muggings tonight girlies. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (looking good) Arch and Mr (never looks good) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Hello all my Daisy and all the Godwin gang. Just a quick hi to say sorry that we haven't commented for a while. We have been reading about all your adventures, but mum is busy using the laptop writing reports for all the little Two Legs that she teaches, so we haven't been able to get our little paws on it recently. What a brilliant roll Holly had this morning. That's a real back rubbing roll. I'm glad that you have had a better day today weather-wise. we've had lots of rain today and it got a bit chilly too. You are ticking lots of boats off your list. Miss April is doing so well now and Freddy is getting very friendly with the slugs in the sea kale.
    Our Dad is getting a new car for us to ride in on Friday. He had to wait because he asked very, very nicely for a tow bar to be fitted for free and they said "Yes!" He's been jumping up and down with a big smile on his face and stroking his wallet - very strange behaviour.
    Little Bella is growing bigger (although we think it is just her fur) She is getting her second injection on Thursday so will be coming to live with us very soon. We will be able to take her out and show her all the good sniffs.
    Good news about Archie and his medicine, but he definitely needs to find a reason to get cuddles from the girls at the vet. A weekly weigh-in to show off his trim figure sounds like a good idea.
    Take care my southern friends. love to all, Izzy & Hamish xx xx xx xx