Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Another Sunny Day!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Wot a super day it was yesterday, loads of sun shine and it was warm and sticky in the house.

Old Two Legs was prepared for the warm weather 'cos he draped the cage with a damp towel and then shoved frozen blocks from the freezer. Both sets of ferrets thought it was wonderful and soon curled up in the 'Cuddle Cup' or on top of the blanket.

Well, today, having got the experience yesterday it wasn't too long before they were all enjoying the chilled bed!

Down on the beach we looked for any ships that may have berthed overnight but it was surprisingly void of ships!

The sun was climbing up into the sky and OTL took this picture saying it was a 'Star Ship' in the sky!

A passing Star Ship!
 Holly and I got bored with 'Ship Watching and settled down for a well earned roll on the sand!

If you gotta roll then you gotta roll!
 Back home the Page 3 Girls enjoyed a rampage around the house but were pleased when they got back into the cage for a cooling snooze!

Fred and Wendy had a good time playing tricks on OTL, Wendy was chuckling away as she ran up OTL's trouser leg and gave his leg a lick!

Freddy spent most of the time on his back having his tummy tickled! He does enjoy this game and is always laughing his tail off!

After all that running around both Freddy and Wendy crashed out in their cool beds and in no time were fast asleep!

It wasn't too long before lunchtime arrived and we headed off to the beach again.

Nothing much had changed except it was a little warmer and the was one boat out to sea, a Pleasure Craft.

You can tell that holiday time has arrived!

Just one Sailing Craft!
 The tide was in, so was I, straight in and swimming among the sea weed!

Throw the stick or I'll bite your leg!
 OTL found a stick and while Holly was catching the rays I was having a great time!

OTL had brought one of his big cameras and a 'Macro 105mm Lens'. This is the one he uses for taking pictures of insects and close up of flowers.

Pretty but no insects!
Now, remember yesterday when I told you the flower was white? Well, here it is in it's full colour, or lack of colour!

Look! No Infrared!
While OTL was clicking away at the bloom we spotted a Dragon Fly ducking and diving around the bushes, then it landed on a bush and OTL did his 'Creeping Up On Insect' stalk and managed this shot.

First this year!
Back home the best thing we could think of doing was snoozing in a cool spot!

At the moment it is twenty six degrees centigrade and we expect it go a bit higher before this evening!

I think that tonight we have some Lambs Heart for dinner, but only when it cools down!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little hot dogs. I don't know how you stand the heat Daisy, I don't like it very much. I've had a lovely siesta this afternoon with my mum though. I went for my check up this morning and guess wot? I don't have to go back now for 2 whole months, I think they're going to miss me too much though so I might need to pop in from time to time and be weighed, now did my mum get a surprise when she weighed me this morning, I'm wasting away to 9.50 ............. yes, that's right, wasting away under 10 kilos, can you believe it. I'm going for my walk later this evening when it's cooler if I don't snooze off. Loved all of OTL's pictures today, specially the ones with my favourite girls in them but the others are very lovely as well. Now we seen a butterfly in our garden and they've put a piece in the local paper about it being seen around here as well, cos I think it's some sort of quite a rare one, good job I didn't sit on it. I went out in the garden last night, can't remember why but I got sidetracked by a little frog who wanted to play hop and whizz, now the next door dogs made such a racket, cos my mum joined in the jumping around because the frog was trying to jump up her trouser leg, then the dog over the back made a racket and by the time they all shut up, I lost the frog ......... it snuck away while I was telling the other woofers to shut up cos they'd frighten my little friend. Glad to hear the little furballs are all keeping cool and lovely to see you after your dip in the sea. Hope Holly chops can be persuaded to have a cooling plodge soon. Have a lovely evening, enjoy your dinner and hope you manage a few muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (even more wilting) Arch and Mr (even more wilted) Nipper xxxxxx

  2. Love the Star Ship all sparkly and lovely reflections, those little flowers and the insect, all I can say is well done OTL for remembering not only to take the macro lens but the camera to attach it to. Mind you if he had forgotten the camera he would have blamed it on the hot weather. Someone suggested to Michael that he drapes himself with a wet towel and sits in the garden, he didn't take to the idea much, in fact he didn't take to it at all but it certainly works for the little ones. Archie and his frog and rare butterfly and his weight loss is all good news but I am sure the vet will miss him if he doesn't go there for two months. Our friends are on Dartmoor in their Motorhome accompanied by Harry, he is not keen on cats and opposite them was a spoilt pampered cat who kept invading Harry's space. Marion tells me that she "went over to the cats' parents and explained that this was upsetting Harry and making him bark, so would they please keep him away". Just after that a Jack Russell slipped its harness and chased the cat around which as it was on a lead couldn't escape, Marion and John laughed quietly from behind their curtains and now the cat no longer invades Harrys' space. Problem sorted, power to the Jack Russell. You do look funny when you are wet, I think it is because you have the facial hair that all sticks out while the rest of you is close cropped! Sorry for mentioning it, it must grow soon with all the heat, you must try some of TM's shampoo, the one that guarantees adding extra body but don't let Holly try it!!! xxxxxx