Friday, 22 July 2016

Sunny Friday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

What a glorious day it has been! No rain, loads of sun shine and a dusting of cloud to keep the temperature down to acceptable!

May and April had a great time, May went exploring while April kept a look out from the top of the ferret bag!

I love new sniffs!
There were some ships out to sea, a couple of container carriers and a pleasure sailing craft.

Do you think they know sail has right of way?
 On the way back to the car I got Old Two Legs to lift me up so I could have a good look around. He called me a 'Big Softy' but he doesn't realise that I can't see very far 'cos I got short legs and it's a rare treat for me to see more than ten feet away!

Lunchtime we left The Missus and Auntie Sheila slapping the glue pot around!

Wendy and Fred had some fun on the beach, Wendy was playing 'Bulldozers' by digging her nose into the sand and digging a trench!

OK, here we go!
 The tide hadn't peaked so there was a load of 'Mud Froth' washing up on the beach and also it wasn't very deep either!

Is that a crab or an under sea 'Froth Ball'?
 Holly wasn't getting anywhere near the froth and did suggest it would make her sniff something terrible!
You have just gotta be joking!
 Freddy came down the beach to see what the froth was all about and even had a taste, which he described as 'Muddy Milk'!

He said that he would pass on the invitation for a swim in the froth and water and instead he would go swimming in the grass!

That tastes like YUCK!
We all had a good walk back to the car and while the ferrets were having a sniff Holly and I found a sniff that called for a roll!

By the time we were getting close to the car park the ferrets were feeling the heat, so OTL had to carry them both back to the car for a drink of water!

The ferrets were in first then Holly and I had a good drink. After Holly and I got back into the bed the ferrets went back to the water for another slurp!

Once they had finished OTL gave them both a couple of handfuls of water rubbed into their coats to help keep them cool!

Wet and Soggy Ferrets!

Back home we all crashed out in our 'Cool Spots' 'cos the sun had gone around the corner and the back of the house is cool and the front warms up!

Tomorrow OTL is going to play with the old camera to see if he can make it all work again. That way he will be able to mount it in the garden so we can see the animals that live there but hide when we go out for a wander around the garden!

Who knows, we may see some of the Trevor's that may be around!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties down by the seaside. Sounds like you've had a very interesting day. Lots of things out on the sea, some big some little. Thank goodness it's been cooler today, although I still feel quite warm. You are brave going for a dip in that mucky sea, I think Freddy was sensible to stay on the shore. Let's face it, Holly chops is never going to be a water babe like you. It's been a bit quiet here today, my boy is back at work, my mum was at work this morning, none of my woofer mates were around when I went out on my walk but I did pop up the shop to see Brenda and have some licks and cuddles with her. My mum said I was getting a bit stingy in the licks I give her lately so I gave a her real good licking to shut her up. I'm off down the vets in the morning to see my favourite nurse Louise, I'll get some cuddles and a treat if I'm a good boy when I have my bot checked. Well I think it's time for a pre dinner snooze so have a lovely evening all, hope there's plenty of muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper ...... oooohhh just a reminder, it's Sue's, Michael's birthday today so we all better say happy birthday Mister to him. xxxxxxxx

  2. Michael said thank you to Archie for the birthday wishes, he went to see some lions and tigers, had a cream tea for lunch and a burger for afternoon tea, when you are that old who cares about convention! It was very hot in Smarden so I guess you were hot in those fur coats, on the subject of coats, do I notice a slight curl coming back, hooray. It must have been nice on the water today with a bit of breeze, that Holly is silly for not venturing out. You did not answer any of my Thursday questions but I expect you are too tired as it is hard work on those keys, I shall wait until it is cooler. Have a super Saturday and I hope TM and Auntie Shelia produced some master pieces with all that glue and glitter, I expect that big pot of glue is nearly finished. xxxxxx