Thursday, 25 August 2016

Another Heat Wave!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Phew! It has bee up near 30 degrees today, definitely not the weather to go running about the house!

In fact we have all found a shady spot and have spent the day 'Relaxing', well all except Old Two Legs who has his daily 'Jobs' to do!

Now then, Izzy, eleven teeth out!!!!!!!!

Gawd, that is nearly half a mouth full!

I can see you drinking through a straw for a while!

My teeth are OK and Holly has a couple that are sort of crooked but not ready to be yanked out!

I hope they gave you knock out drops before they started on you!

We took May and April down the beach this morning but April spent most of the time sitting in the ferret bag while May was dancing about all over the place!

We said 'Hello' to the 'Lads' and that big soppy Bozo called Marley came charging down the hill and rolled onto his back at OTL's feet asking for a Tickle on the Tum!

It's almost embarrassing!

Little April decided to stay in the ferret bag as we headed back to the car but May found a sniff and got herself a good roll before OTL spotted her and called her a 'Smelly Ferret!

Sniffs R Us!
 I was going to have a swim but the water wasn't deep enough yet so I decided to wait until later.

When we came back at lunchtime the water had all gone! However, I did spot a sailing boat out beyond the mud banks but it was too far to make out what it was, other than an old sailing boat.

Can't tick this off in the book!
One of the nice things about heading back to the car is we can have a rest under the bench on top of the hill. There is a super shadow from the bench and also the concrete is still cool!

Betcha wish you could get in here with us!
 The ferrets got their frozen blocks again and spent the day alternating between beds with the frozen blocks and those without, but mostly they stayed with the frozen blocks and Wendy even got under the bed to lick the frozen blocks!

I can sniff Lambs Heart being taken out of the oven so I'm off for a feed!

See you tomorrow and Izzy, stay away from the ice cubes!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Ahoy maties. It's been a scorcher today again as well. Lovely pictures today. You've got good eyesight to spot that boat way out there. I envy the ferrets with their ice blocks under their beds, wot a way to snooze and stay cool. Shame you didn't get a nice cool dip but there's been a lot of people getting into problems in the sea, I would hate for you to have a problem. Can't OTL let you have a dip in the pond? I don't blame Miss April for not walking too far, it's a bit too hot. I bet that Miss May didn't have to have a bath or a hose down in the garden after rolling in that sniffy sniff. Glad to hear you met up with your mates this morning, I bumped into a couple of my mates as well and a new woofer, he was very nice and he liked me as well, we were having good sniffs and telling each other of the sniffs we'd come across this morning. My mum and auntie Barbara next door have been painting the kitchen today, it don't half sniff ...... ewwwwwww. They wouldn't let me go play with the paint either, wot meanies! My mum says she's cream crackered now but she went off to the shops this afternoon to get a bottle so she can have a night cap. The plumber man came to look at the shower and the toilet that doesn't flush properly, he's coming back tomorrow afternoon to mend the toilet and maybe we might get a new shower, yuk! My mum is going to drown her sorrows later cos she'll have to open her purse tomorrow, good job it's pay day. I had lots of fun last night playing whizz and hop with the frogs in the rain. Now poor Izzy, I think you're right Daisy, she'll be eating thru a straw. Maybe her mum could cook her some nice soft fish to eat. Hope you enjoyed your lambs heart. Have a good evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (neglected) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello little friends by the Kentish Seaside from some friends by the Sussex Seaside, we had a gi-normous thunder storm last night, well Michael said we did but I heard nothing. Glad you are enjoying the shady bits, best picture of the day must be the sailing boat, OTL should enter that in a competition bound to win some sort of prize. That said second best is the pair of woofers taking shade under the bench, how lovely is that. Hope you enjoyed the lambs heart and perhaps there will be some left for next day, you obviously didn't want to share our salad, I did offer but you didn't reply to me. Ah well, I offered, boo hoooo. xxxxxx