Sunday, 28 August 2016

Wet Butt and No Ball

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, what have you been getting up to today?

It's Bank Holiday Weekend and everyone seems to want to get away for a few days holiday. They all crowd onto the road and sit in traffic jams for hours!

Down here we did one better, we got a lorry that knocked a foot bridge down, closing the motorway for a day or two. There was an enormous traffic jam and it was on the main route to the channel crossing!

We stayed at home!

I had an early morning swim while Holly got her butt washed by Old Two Legs 'cos it was all grubby!

I gotta 'Self Cleaning Butt'!
Holly don't like water, Holly don't like being stood with her back legs in the sea, Holly don't like having OTL wash her grubby butt with the cold water!

Wot is worse, Holly don't like a ferret spotting that Holly has a grubby butt and then telling OTL so he can wash Holly's butt clean!

Look! She got a Grubby Butt!
Little Miss April stayed out of it and had a small dig in the sand until the excitement died down!

Leave me out of it, I'm happy in the sand!
 So, in the end Holly got a damp butt and I got soaked to the skin!

We headed back home 'cos OTL has been working on the bathroom floor, putting new tiles down. He says it is so fiddly and all that crawling around on his knees makes him tired!

Any excuse to sit down for a rest!

Lunchtime there was some rain, not much, 0.6mm according to OTL's 'Weather Station' but it was wet enough make Holly think about staying indoors, especially if she is going to get another grubby butt!

Well, the rain stopped and Holly's butt stayed clean!

Rain clouds over Sheerness!
 Now, yesterday I lost my rubber ball 'cos I dug a hole that was so deep the ferrets wouldn't go in and get the ball!

Today they offered to dig around to see if they could find it, providing they could have a game of 'Fetch the Ball' when they dug it up.

We want have a game with it, OK?
Well, they dug down into the sand and with the pair of them, Wendy and Freddy, going strong it wasn't too long before they dug a hole to be proud of!

It was as deep as the hole where we buried the ball yesterday, the only trouble is, they dug it in the wrong place!

Well, it 'aint here!
 Mind you, I couldn't remember where I dug the hole, so it looks like that ball has gone for good now. I'll just have to bring one of the other balls tomorrow, it is going to be difficult choosing the right one!

Yeah, I'll make sure it is a 'Ferret Size' ball, OK?
These ferrets are getting so bossy nowadays!

OK, what is all this 'did you sing a happy anniversary song to Mrs Sue and Mr Mike?' ??

We knew nothing about anniversaries and it wasn't until we checked with The Missus who has access to FaceAche and she said it was their Golden Anniversary.

So, better late than never...............................Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow OTL will be trying to finish off the flooring so that means Holly and I get a chance to have a snooze while watching him work!

Life's good like that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well I wonder where your ball is? I wonder if some other woofer didn't sniff it out and pinch it. You should get OTL to put a flag where you bury the ball then you'll be able to know where to get Freddy and Miss Wendy to dig. Poor Holly chops, the embarrassment of having yer butt washed in public and in cold water. Now Miss May is a right little snitch, she could have kept quiet and not said anything, I think Holly chops should tell OTL next time she sees Miss May rolling in a sniffy sniff. We had a lot of rain a couple of hours ago, I've just been in the garden to make sure that all the frogs are safely tucked up out of the rain, I have to have a word with a couple of them, they were sitting in the middle of the grass. Now last night I fancied a trip out, so when my mum was all snuggly in her pit, I told her I needed to go to the vets cos I said I had a tummy ache, then I went into the garden to prove to her I had a tummy ache, I had a bit of a grubby butt but my mum cleaned it with some nice baby wipes. Anyways about 10 ish we went of down the vet college, they've got some very nice vets there and some learning to be vets, they just love a little chap like me popping in to give them something to do. We got home just after 1 this morning, the vet said that my mum should make sure I drink plenty and gave her a huggggggggge big syringe, my mum told me in front of the vet that it wasn't for the top end, well wot a thing to say. Anyways, after a nice ride back in the cool air, I felt a bit sleepy, so I had a nice snooze then my mum woke me up at three thirty, wot a cheek, a chap needs his snooze you know. Anyways, when my mum cleared off to work I turned over and went back for another nice long snooze. My boy went off to the airport to meet Mrs boy and bring her home. Well wot can I say, I've been getting extra cuddles and tickles all day, she loves me, she has got good taste. We're all glad that Mrs boy arrived safely, now I know my mum and my boy have told her about me and my habits but I suspect I can get round her and maybe even snitch a bit of her drinks or scoff, cos she won't think I'm as naughty as they say I am. This should be a very fruitful few weeks. Glad to hear that Miss April had a nice play on the beach this morning and I hope her cough isn't troubling her too much. Enjoy the rest of the evening and watching OTL do the floor while you snooze. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Whose big paw print is that in photo three, wow, those are big feet! Holly being told on by a ferret, she must get her own back, the indignity of a public washing. Glad her admirers weren't around to laugh at her. xxxxxx