Saturday, 12 November 2016

Eric goes hunting Nargles!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

It's Saturday and anything can happen!

Today Old Two Legs has been booked into the vet to get his Flu Jab. It's the same as the Distemper Jab but the needle is bigger and longer and hurts loads, well that is what OTL says!

It was The Missus who booked him in at nine thirty so the cage cleaning had to wait until he got back but also we had to be out early so he can get back home and down the vets in time.

That means it was not only dark but the tide hadn't come in yet!

As far as Eric was concerned, that was all OK by him!

You promise that wave has gone!
We had a run around the beach and by the time the sun had got up we had moved onto the grass where Eric got busy hunting Nargles!

Nuffin' here!
It then started to rain so we didn't hang about too long and of course, OTL had to be stabbed!

When he came back he said that his arm was sore and limped up the stairs to the office to start cleaning.

Eric noticed the limp and asked just where he got stabbed, I mean, if you get stabbed in the arm, what has that to do with your leg!

OTL said it was a very long needle!

We don't believe him!

We had to wait at lunchtime to go out 'cos the rain was still making puddles in the road!

Fred and Wendy got an extra hours snooze!

The walk was a 'Quick' walk and Holly was hurrying us up to get back to the car before she got too wet!

Back home Wendy and Fred enjoyed a late lunch and crawled back into bed. On the other paw, Eric was wandering around his cage and rattling the bars, he wanted to get out for a rampage!

OTL said he could come out and have a climb up the cages. He first investigated the travelling cages in case there were any Nargles who have sneaked in under the cover of the blanket!

If you are a Nargle, come out NOW!
No Nargles!

While she was climbing she came across the Ferret bag with Wilma's name on it and OTL had to tell her about he being Freddy's sister.

Holly came into the office and shouted out that there was a Nargle behind Eric!

There's a Nargle behind you!
He jumped straight into OTL's arms!

Holly was rolling on the floor laughing her tail off!

I think Holly better had watch out 'cos I'm sure Eric will get his own back!

OTL has gone to collect TM from the village hall where she has been doing her Master Class in Glue Pot Slapping!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well didn't it rain today. I hope you didn't get too wet, my mum put my coat on me and got me ready to go out for a walk but I wouldn't budge over the doorstep, my mum lifted me over but I just went back in, my mum got a bit cross but she gave up so I went back and had a snooze on the warm, dry sofa. Eric seems to be taking well to the great outdoors. I bet he will be thinking up ways to get his own back on Holly chops. I bet he was very interested to hear about Wilma and all the other little furballs who have lived at Godwin Towers before him, there are some very famous and lovely characters for him to live up to, but I'm sure he will. Poor OTL, it isn't very nice getting stabbed but these TL's need to know wot it feels like so they can give us sympathy when we have to be stabbed. Wot does young Eric make of Wendy and Freddy? I hope Miss May is getting used to Eric and letting him snuggle up with her, these evenings are getting quite chilly and we all need a snuggle buddy. Hope Mrs TM had a lovely day today flinging her glue around and showing everyone else how to fling it. Lovely pictures today. Have a lovely evening and hope you get some nice muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. I hope OTL's leg gets better soon from the very long needle, sure glad I don't go to his vet. Eric is finding outside great fun, that's so pleasing to all your readers and May is loving him as well is really great news just warn him about TM and her sparkly gluepot. You had a really long day starting out in the nighttime but at least the sea hadn't woken up to catch Eric out. Nasty rain all day today, we have been out helping someone buy a computer and Michael is setting it all up before we get our bangers and mash! If you have any spare chicken I could pop over and bring you a sausage later. xxxxxx