Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Freddy gets wet, again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now, you know that Old Two Legs visited the dentist yesterday? Well, last night all he would eat was some strong pain killers!

That means Holly and I missed out on some muggins!

Boo! Hiss!

This morning he was still complaining that he had tooth ache but as Holly pointed out, he had his tooth taken out, so how can it ache?

After a couple of pills he settled down to a bowl of 'Rabbit Food' a glass of Orange Juice and a mug of tea!

Needless to say, Eric robbed OTL of some of his breakfast but in the end he had to go back to his Lactose Free milk, Eric, not OTL!

Miss May found the packet of Malt filled Nibbles and made a pig of herself!

Mmmm! These are tasty and Crunchy as well!
Once the pills had 'Kicked In' OTL took us down to the beach for a little rampage along the beach.

I chased a rook off the rocks and ended up with muddy paws!

Up on the grass we lost both ferrets but Holly noticed that the grass was moving!

Yep! It was May and Eric doing a 'Ferret'!

It moved! I tell you, it moved!
Back home OTL got going on the cage cleaning while Eric and May played 'Chase' all over the place. May got tired and hid in the draw in the office while Eric went off chasing The Missus and OTL around the lounge!

Eric is getting used to OTL and has a little chuckle when OTL turns him over on his back and tickles his tummy!

Now, because the moon was so close to the earth, that means the tide was going to be high today and at lunchtime we headed off down to the beach.

A Real High Tide!
 Freddy got all excited when he saw the waves lapping the beach and ran down to the waters edge saying that he was too fast for the waves!

See, it can't catch me!
 Then the next wave came racing up the beach while Freddy was chuckling about being faster than the waves!

Yorricks! That was a close one!
Freddy got wet from his tail to his front paws!

Freddy was not a Happy Ferret!

OTL had to pick him up and let him climb in the ferret bag to dry off!

Of course, once he was in, he didn't want to get out!

No, Don't Care, I'm staying here!
We dropped the ferrets off home and OTL went off to do some deliveries and after that, we called into the Doggy Shop!

Holly and I were beside ourselves, in we went and woofed all the way to the Chicken Fillet section!

OTL got some Chicken strips and disinfectant to spray in the ferret cages or on the carpet if a ferret has an 'Accident'!

You will be pleased to hear that OTL has been keeping on with the pain killers and has even managed a couple of biscuits, dipped into his tea!

We are not sure if he will be eating anything this evening 'cos he says the ache is still there but at least it has stopped bleeding and the antiseptic mouthwash is doing it's work!

OTL says that tomorrow we have rain foretasted so we will be looking at the Rain Radar first thing tomorrow!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret


  1. Evening little maties. You've had quite a busy day today, wot with walking the ferrets then going out with OTL then shopping in the woofer treat store. Poor Freddy, hope he's dry now. Sorry to hear that OTL still has a sore spot where his tooth was, hope it doesn't hurt for much longer. I'm off to the groomers tomorrow for a bath ....... yuk and a trim ....... yuk. My mum has put my bodysuit back on me cos she says I've been licking my bits too much and I'll make myself sore, now I've been doing it so that I'm nice and clean and don't need a bath but will my mum believe me? ........... NO. Shame about no muggings last night, didn't Mrs TM eat? Didn't she give you a little snackette? I hope you have better luck tonight. Have a good evening all, stay warm and snuggly and I hope the rain misses you tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Firstly love the way you said that rain was foretasted, were you thinking that if OTL can't eat food then he can eat the rain, oh well, just asking. Poor OTL is very unhappy, firstly paying for the dentistry and then suffering it , hope it all calms down very quickly, (xx). Well done on you doggie shop visit, how lovely was that! You work very hard keeping everything under control so deserve some nice treats, hope there are some muggings tonight, nothing like a snuggle and a snack in the warm. Eric is getting very brave with the water he can teach Holly a thing or two. He is getting very sweet, I hope he manages a rosette or two next eeek, I am sorry that we are going to miss it this year but hope they all do very well and as you are such good woofers won't be caged. xxxxxx