Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Grubby Butt Incident!

Yo Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

I have decided I don't like the weather this time of the year, it not that it's too cold or hot or warm or damp or wet. It's just that it is so grey and miserable!

The fog has moved off into the distance but what is left is gloomy weather, grey weather!

Gloomy or Wot!
 Old Two Legs was telling us about when he was a young lad. (Holly says he must have a good memory to remember that far back!)

Anyway, he said that it was normal for November to be mostly frosty and cold. He can remember going to school on Fireworks Night and all the privet hedges were covered in frost!

There wasn't always snow on Christmas Day but it came before and after Christmas. Nowadays it doesn't snow until February, March, April or May!

You know, even at lunchtime today both Freddy and Miss Wendy were saying that they should both be back in bed than out in the gloom!

No, we don't like it out here!
 Once you get a good run up and down the beach your tail sort of warms up a bit and you forget the gloom.

Today Holly and I were back down the far end of the beach while OTL was up the front trying to get the ferrets to 'Un-Thaw' and head towards the car. (See above picture)

Well, we found this pile of serious poo that was calling to us and saying 'Roll in Meee!'

Holly and I just couldn't resist!

Holly went in first, butt first and wiggled her tail to stir it up a bit as well!

OTL just happened to turn around to see Holly do her 'Poo Dive', then he yelled out for Holly to 'STOP IT!'

Holly said that he was just too far away for her to stop, and then she had another roll!

I told her to 'Shove Over' and let me in for a roll as well but when I did I found that all there was left was a sniff!

All of the poo was hanging from Holly's Butt and Tail!

OTL was still jumping up and down and yelling his hat off and threatening us with all manner of nasties!

Mind you we didn't care 'cos he was still too fare away and on top of that he had a couple of cold ferrets in his arms!

Back home both Holly and I got the 'Wet Rag' treatment and Holly got all of her butt washed with soap!

I got off with an inspection and The Missus giving me a sniff!

OTL got back to his work again while Holly and I settled down for an afternoon snooze!

All the ferrets were fast asleep as well, a peaceful afternoon!

Our Grumbly Tums seem to be settling down now, so we should be back to normal by tomorrow.

We have managed to escape that ProKolin stuff that OTL squirts down our throat when the 'Grumblies' get us. Holly likes the taste but I think it is absolutely YUK!  OTL has to squirt it down the side of my tongue so that I swallow it!

Just wait until he gets the Grumbly Tum, I'll get TM to squirt some of it down his throat!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. I have read this and it needs serious time to reply, I am off to the the dinner "CHICKEN"

  2. Cook the dinner that is and then eat it and then reply. xx

  3. You are brave Sue, reading all this about butts and stuff before you eat !!! Xxx

    1. Wasn't until I read it that I got the full gist of what had happened by then it was too late. Michael said "Sooner him than me", Ken is so lucky to have all these responsibilities thrust at him. lol

  4. Evening little sniffy maties down by the seaside with the well good rolly sniffs. Wow, I'm in total admiration of you and Holly chops, that must have been some pile to be hanging off Holly's tail, shame you only got to have a roll in the sniff though Daisy, tell Holly she must share, specially when it's nearly xmas. I wish I lived near enough to come and have a quick sniff. I can imagine Mrs TM having a sniff of you Daisy, did she hold you at arms length when she sniffed? Poor Holly, all that work and then along comes OTL with his cloth and soapy water, boooooo hisssssssss. You let OTL keep his ferrets, I think he should let you keep your sniffs. Wendy and Freddie do look like they're frozen to the spot. It has been very grey and damp here, not raining just damp though. I went up the shops this morning for my cuddles with my friend Brenda, she was very pleased to see me. My mum reckons she can remember a Boxing day in 63 when it started snowing and didn't stop for ages, she reckons if I'd been around I wouldn't have been able to get to the end of the garden cos the snow was so deep. I don't like snow cos it's wet and as you know I don't do wet. I'm having a visitor on Thursday, Marianne and Steve are coming in the afternoon and my mum says they're going to bring Miss Missie with them. She hasn't had the pleasure of me yet but I'll let her play with my toys and if she minds her manners she can wee in my garden. Can't say fairer than that now can I, I'm really looking forward to it. Glad to hear your grumbly tums are feeling better and hope you can get back to muggings again. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and cosy. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  5. Well, all I can say is that I was stunned that Holly managed to do serious damage to the big pile of poo before being spotted by OTL, I think he is loosing his attention span. What an awful occurrence if the ferrets had spotted it first, what a hullabaloo!! Oh deary me!! I bet TM wasn't best pleased with being called upon to do the sniff test, the jobs she gets entrusted with are beyond the call of such an artistic soul. Freddy and Wendy are looking lovely but they are right, their bed is far better than a beach in December. Pleased your grumbly tums are settling down ready for the festivities but I do think you should be extra good as you don't want to blot your copybook so near Christmas. Archie is having visitors, I hope they don't bring him holly berries and have been given instructions as to what he is allowed to eat. Poor Archie he is leading such a sheltered life these days mostly brought on by himself so just be aware Daisy don't get too smug when you see him. Anyway Wednesday tomorrow, I am going shopping and then on Thursday we have Ian and Daisy Girl calling in. xxxxxx