Sunday, 18 December 2016

Wendy gets lost!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Well, there is no wind yet! The best we got today is 0.0mph! So, that means it has been grey all day!

Look! I see the Tower!
 May and Eric didn't seem bothered and ran off to have a dig in the sand!

We could pinch the dog's ball and bury it!
 Back home Holly and I retired to the bedroom while Old Two Legs did the cages. First out was May and Eric who had great fun diving into the crate full of ping pong balls!

Then it was Fred and Wendy's turn to have a good hour's rampage around the house.

OTL finished their cage then played a game with them and they all played 'Chase' around the lounge.

Then OTL went off to do some stuff on the computer leaving the ferrets to get into trouble!

After an hour or so OTL went looking for the ferrets. First he found Freddy asleep in the drawer of the office desk. He was gently lifted up and placed into the cage. Then he went looking for Wendy.

She was nowhere to be found! All the normal hidy holes were searched but no success, no a sign of her at all!

The house was turned up side down in a search for her but no sign.

The chairs in the lounge are leather covered and there is a flap at the back that is secured with strips of Velcro and Snowflake used to get in there for a quiet snooze and remembering this OTL looked inside, nothing.

Off he went again turning everything up side down and The Missus said that OTL was being silly looking in the places he was looking, like, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, booze cupboard!

OTL said that after we had looked in all the sensible places then all was left was the silly places!

OTL was back to the lounge chairs again, pulling off the cover and feeling the inside of the springs and he was looking at the underside of the chair TM uses.

Underneath the chair there was a sagging sort of bulge and OTL was going to write it off as a result of TM's time spent sitting there. Just as a test he put his hand there and sort of lifted it up, it was warm, and when OTL moved it, it moved back!

That was it, Wendy had been found!

Now was the problem of getting her out, without hurting her, while she was still half asleep!

In a move that OTL described as 'Squeezing Tooth paste out of the Tube' he finally got her out!

Well, there is another hidy hole that goes on the list of places to look for her the next time she goes missing!

We left them asleep at lunchtime and headed down to the beach again.

It was still foggy!

We are definitely going to get Archie Babe down here to blow it away!
 Down on the beach there were a couple of fishermen throwing worms into the sea. We decided that we would leave them to it 'cos a bit later the tide is going to come up past where their little camp is and they will have to get up on the Sea Wall!

It's going to get wet!
 Back home we got an email from Roy at the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue thanking OTL and TM for their help in fund raising for the Centre.

We have re printed the email for you to see 'cos we know a lot of you have made contributions and deserve all the good praise possible!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Hi Ken. Sorry I have not got in contact sooner but been very busy but I would like to thank you for these lovely photos you took at the show in the village hall and for Judging the young handlers for us. Plus I must say a very big thank to both of you for your very nice raffle prizes. Now next time we have a show or any other time your Ferrets need there ear's done call me and Chris or me will do them for you, so, once again a very big thank to you both also a very very big thank to Eileen friends please thank them for us from all these Furry friends.

Kind Regards From all of us at Harrietsham Ferret Rescue. Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. PS will send you memory stick back soon.

Looking for 'Best in Show'



  1. Oh what a "tail", "Searching for a Ferret", I hope that Roy at the Rescue Centre reads it, I just imagined what it was like as you tell it to well. xx. Still no wind and still all foggy and grey but soon be the shortest day, roll on Thursday then be getting more day than night, well slightly but not if this foggy stuff stays around. Hope Archie is behaving himself, we won't learn, I don't know who should get the award he or Holly for silliest billy woofer of the year. xx. Lovely note from Roy, OTL and TM help a lot with their helping hands. I have been showing your Christmas card to everyone who calls and educating them all in Ferret Speak. Off to London tomorrow for Michael's scan so hoping the weather bucks itself up. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties down by the still foggy seaside. Wow, I bet OTL was getting really worried about Miss Wendy. Do you think she hid in Mrs TM's chair cos it was nice and warm? Wot a good job Freddie is too sensible to go hide anywhere too far from his bed. You'll have to let Wendy know that Santa Paws only leaves presents for ferrets he can find. Glad May and Eric had a good time digging today. It's been very foggy here as well, not that I've ventured very far today, it's been to cold and drizzly so I've stayed snuggled on my sofa for most of the day. I didn't have to go back to the vets today, my mum only had to phone to let her know how I was doing, they've both agreed that I need some more of the fowl tasting, nastiest, most horriblest medicine you can get, I spit it back over my mum and the carpet and kitchen cupboards, my boy is getting in on the act cos he offered to hold me still this morning so my mum could squirt it in my mouth, now that's not cricket, us chaps have to stick together, anyways, my mum is going to collect some more of that nasty stuff tomorrow, she and the vet think I should have it for the rest of the week even though I'm not showing any signs of a grumbly tum, I think they're doing it just to be mean to me. That is a very nice email from Roy, and wot an offer, to clean the ferrets ears, that way they can't fail to win next time. Hope Sue and Michael have a better journey tomorrow and the scan goes well. My boy is having a day off tomorrow so he'll keep me company while my mum is at work. Have a lovely evening and hope you get plenty of muggings, now as for this silly woofer award ........ hmmmmmmmmm.......... is there a prize? Is it food? Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (still locked and loaded) Arch and Mr (turn round the other way or you'll hurt someone) Nipper xxxxxxxx