Tuesday, 27 December 2016

We're Back Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back again!

Sorry we missed out on the Boxing Day Blog but Old Two Legs and The Missus insisted we got visiting up in Birmingham!

Mind you, it was fun seeing all the children again and I will admit, I got a little wound up because they were chasing Holly and me around the house, so we jumped up onto OTL's lap and stayed cuddled up until it was time to do some food mugging!

The ferrets all elected to stay at home and guard the house against Nargles and Monsters like that!

In the past when we have been up in Birmingham we found a park where there were loads of new sniffs! Of course, we just had to revisit the park, three times!

There was Thomas and Matthew who Holly lived with before coming to stay with us and it was always good to see them again!

By the time we got back home it was just too late to do the blog and in fact, we went straight off to bed!

This morning it was rather chilly but at least there was no wind and we were all investigating all the Boxing Day sniffs we missed yesterday!

On Christmas Day Holly and I put on our Christmas Outfits, as OTL describes them and although we made this terrible tinkling sound, it did keep out necks warm!

Sorry, I can't hear you, it's these blooming bells!
 The bells made such a noise that Miss May even asked if we wanted her to chew the bells off but we couldn't understand what she was saying 'cos the bells made so much noise!

All I get is a ringing sound in my ears!
This morning we were up good and early and caught the sun climbing up over Sheerness, so, OTL just had to take a picture and get all 'Arty'!

Yep! He's been playing again!
May and Eric managed to dig an enormous sand hole to hide in and May had great fun rolling in the sand!
If I keep rubbing like this I'll wear away the harness!
Being it is the Christmas Holidays we got to meet loads of Two Legs and Woofers we don't normally meet. Like young Ethan who had never seen a ferret before!

Well, OTL agreed that Wendy could have a cuddle and she was into his arms in a flash! She said he was 'Warm and Cuddly', just like her!

Ethan giving Miss Wendy a cuddle!
We ended up stopping and talking to five groups of TL's who had never seen a ferret before!

Miss Wendy is dead impressed with our harnesses and asked if they did them in 'Ferret Sizes'!

I had to explain that these are special Woofer Harnesses but the next time we are shopping we'll get OTL to look for 'Comfortable Ferret Harnesses'!

I like that harness, it's got padding under your legs!
As it was a bit chilly Miss Wendy managed to blag a lift in the ferret bag, much to the disgust of Eric who missed out on getting picked up 'cos he was busy investigating some Weasel Wee!

I love it when I get the bag all to myself!
So, OTL has got a curry tonight so it looks like we are stuck with our 'Doggy Scoff', I mean, It's Christmas and we should be getting Turkey and Chicken and Beef and stuff like that, not Doggy Scoff!

Mind you, it is that 'Posh Scoff' so after mugging OTL for some Naan dipped in the gravy I suppose we will eat it before bed time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside with the strange things with bells on round your necks. I did wonder where you were yesterday but my mum said that you'd probably gone to visit some of your TL relatives and their little TL's. I was expecting to read a list of all the stash that Santa Paws left for you, but if he left you them things wot you got round your necks then I would definitely bite his butt, thank goodness he didn't leave anything like that in my stocking. I mean, how would you have heard OTL telling you not to roll in any sniffs, how would you hear some burglar trying to break in, how will you hear when your scoff is ready, all you can hear is bells. I hope Miss May and Miss Wendy didn't bite Santa Paws either, I know Eric and Freddie wouldn't cos they're chaps like me and us chaps don't do bitting butt. I expect the muggings were excellent yesterday with all the little TL's around, their hands can't hold much so they tend to drop lots, that's why I love little TL's, always good for a mugging. Loved the pictures today, specially OTL's arty one. Good to see you all out and about on the beach and meeting new woofers and TL's. Enjoy the naan bread tonight and the posh dog scoff. Hope you all had lots of lovely stuff from Santa Paws, he brought me loads of stash. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper, psssst, Mr Nipper didn't get anything from Santa Paws cos he hasn't been a good boy like wot I was. xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello my little furry friends, lovely to have you back from your travels, wow Birmingham, that's where Spaghetti Junction is, I wonder if your saw any spaghetti while you were there. Love the ringing scarves, pity Miss May didn't like the jingling, I would have thought you could have all got a tune out of them. Great pictures today, I missed you yesterday but then it was exciting to go "away" and I guessed you would have a story to tell. The ones of you two in your new Christmas collars, then the arty shot of Sheerness makes me want to live there! it was very good, then there's some great rolling, followed by Ethan and Miss Wendy looking all cosy. Archie likes the little ones only because they drop bits which he should be eating but sometimes the young ones like chasing around and that can be frightening. I hope the ferrets did a good job in guarding, be careful that they don't take over your job. We have been to Ramsgate today to see for ourselves all the boats in the Harbour with their Christmas lights lite up. They were really beautiful and there were lots of TL's, big and small and several woofers. We met Billy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrior who was about 14 years old, his TL was going to the bank but Billy had a better idea and wanted to walk around the Harbour. When they left us Billy was being half dragged across the pavement and half way across the road crossing before he gave in and started heading for the bank! TL "1" - Billy "0". What else did you get for Christmas, spill the beans, I promise not to come over and nick them. xxxxxx