Thursday, 5 January 2017

Freddy leaves his mark!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

It's Thursday already!

It was too cold to take the ferrets this morning so while we were out down the beach May and Eric were rampaging all over the house.

The Missus kept an eye on them 'cos she was catching up with the ironing.

Not that it worried Eric as he chased Miss May all over the place!

We were heading to the beach when Old Two Legs took a picture of the sunrise, behind the power station chimneys.

Steamy or Wot!
The Beach Photo was a bit dark 'cos the sun was right up so everything looked dark, a chance for OTL to get artistic?

Well, maybe not!
We met up with Marley who we haven't seen since before Christmas, he came charging up the hill to give OTL a cuddle then he was off back to his Two Legs who was calling him!

Just had a cuddle with OTL!
Holly and I are not really sure about Marley, you see it was OK when he was a small puppy but since he has grown up a bit he has got very large. We have a sniff but most of the time we stay away and let him and OTL get on with it!

Just how long is he going to be?
In the end Holly and I went off to the beach and found some Weasel Wee but it was old 'cos it was frozen!

Gawd! That's rock hard!
Lunchtime saw OTL working hard in the office getting some orders packed up for shipment tomorrow. Holly and I were down stairs having a snooze on the sofa while Eric was allowed out of his cage for a rampage around the office.

He on the desk where OTL had printed up the orders and some delivery notes.

Eric was blagging some Ferretone and a bit of chicken strips when he saw OTL opening the chicken strip bag, he got all excited at the thought of some more treats and did a wee over the orders and delivery notes!

Eric had left his mark!

That was it, he was back in his cage and heading towards the bed!

It was good to see the pictures of the puppies yesterday, they certainly have put on some weight!

Holly's Grumbly Tum is better, not fully better but better and she is still on the medicine.

Tomorrow we hear that it will be cold but over the weekend it should be a lot warmer, which is OK as far as Eric is concerned 'cos he says that running along in the frosty ground ended up with him getting a cold tummy!

So, claws crossed, he will get a good run this weekend and even some digging on the beach!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Marley has grown, he is now a proper dog, a lovely coat that looks warm. These title ones are going to wait a while before they can rampage the beach so will have to make do with invoices. Our cat, Polly had been sprayed with flea spray which was kept away from her mouth but she licked herself and sat on a pile of questionnaires which were on the floor by the phone waiting for the office to answer a query. Unfortunately she frothed at the mouth all over the pages which I had to just let dry and post to the office. They never knew what the stained bits were and there was nothing else to do.
    Keep taking the pills Holly and get rid of the rest of the grumbles, try to be a bit more discerning, avoid polystyrene and sheep poo. Nice sun rise shots, did OTL see Venus and Mars with the moon the other evening? xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties. Now I'm confused, was it Eric or Freddy who did the wee on the paperwork? You know the saying, the jobs not finished till the paperworks done, I reckon whoever, was helping just trying to help OTL out. Glad you managed to bump into one of your mates this morning, even if he is a bit large. I bumped into my friend Buster when I was out, now Buster is probably the smallest of all my mates. Most of my mates are quite large so it's nice to bump into one who I can look down on. I didn't hang around much today, I was in serious lets get there and back home mode. It's been another very cold day and the frost didn't disappear from my garden all day, I reckon it'll be there with a bit more tomorrow. I've not seen much of my boy today, he went upstairs with 2 bin bags to do some sorting in his room, I hope he can find his way out soon or I'll have to munch his dinner for him. Glad to hear that Holly chops grumblies are improving, you keep taking the tablets Holly and you'll soon be back to yourself and ready for some mugging. I hope Mrs TM didn't iron the ferrets while you were out walking this morning. I've been helping my mum bring stuff out of her craft room, cos she thought she'd have a play today, now how was I to know that wot I was bringing out wasn't wot she wanted!!!! You get no thanks for helping sometimes. Lovely pictures today OTL. Well I better go do a patrol round the premises cos me and my mum are off to bed early tonight because she's working in the morning and I'll be on guard duty. Have a lovely evening all, hope the muggings are good, stay warm and snuggly. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Well spotted there, call out Miss Marples - was it Eric or Freddy who left the mark, bring in the DNA specialists.