Saturday, 28 January 2017

We get visitors!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

We love the weekend, you never know what is going to happen. It could be a really lazy time with Old Two Legs while The Missus is out at a Master Class or Crop Thingy or the place could get turned up side down by visitors!

Today was one of those 'Upside Down' sort of days!

It started with OTL getting up a little later than normal which of course made everything else a bit later than normal.

Our run on the beach with Wendy and Fred was good fun 'cos May found a sniff that was calling out to be rolled in, by all of us!

You should have seen OTL jumping up and down trying to get control of two ferrets and a couple of woofers!

No Chance!

Back home TM was cooking up some Lambs Heart and the sniff filled the house! So, while we stuffed our tummies, OTL went to work on the ferret cages.

He seemed in a bit of a hurry today and even forgo the normal chase around the house and a roll on the carpet, for the ferrets!

Almost as soon as they were reinstalled into their cages, there came a knock on the front door.

Holly and I were not expecting any callers so we got into 'Woofer Mode' and gave it some serious 'Woof Off' growls and woofs.

The front door was opened and in stepped Auntie Jane, Uncle Ian and three little puppies!

The puppies were Alfie, Oscar and Louie!

That was it, Holly decided to retreat to the bedroom to guard her Bonio treat while I legged it into OTL's office to protect the ferrets, and my Bonio!

Out comes the camera and OTL has few clicks before he has to go out to do some work.

I can do cute without trying!
 Holly and I decided to go back upstairs onto our bed and wait until OTL came back, at least we would keep out of trouble!

Like all puppies, they don't last too long before they needed a sleep!

Having a Snooze Break!
 Now these three are all brothers and are a Jack Russell, Poodle cross, so that makes them Jack Doodles!

I must admit that two of them look a bit like Holly and I did when we were puppies but Louie definitely has the Jack Russell look about him, even when he's asleep!

 When OTL came back Louie made a great fuss of him and OTL said that he could stay if he wants but Auntie Jane said that there was no chance!

We love Auntie Jane!

No, we want to stay with Mummy!
 After they left we headed off to the beach and being the weekend there were the normal strangers walking along the Sea Wall and there were the normal questions like............what are they?

One thing we did notice was the shape of the sky, it looked like the sand on the sea shore after the tide has gone out!

Well, it's just gone high tide!
We reckon that there is a warm front heading our way so maybe tomorrow it will be a lot warmer!

Now we are off to see what is for dinner!

See you all tomorrow1


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties wot had visitors today. Well don't them little chaps look very cute but I still think you and Holly chops are cuter. Glad you all got out for your walk, I can just imagine OTL jumping up and down when you all had a roll in a good sniff. Hope you and Holly didn't get into trouble just cos you're bigger. I think you were both very wise to guard your bonios and then you couldn't get blamed for any puddles or messages either. Now me on the other paw haven't had such a good day, I wasn't well in the night, I had the grumblies again, my mum couldn't believe it, specially after getting the good news of my poo results yesterday. Off we went first thing to see the vet, and yes, I got stabbed, I got a thermometer put where nothing should ever go, I have a temperature so I'm back on the dinner plate pills, and some pills to make my tummy relaxed and some other pills that I had last week. The vet rang a little while ago to see how I was doing, I'm more comfie now but I'm very hungry but I'm only allowed little bits of scoff. I am a bit fed up so I've decided to try and snooze the rest of today away. Hope OTL didn't work too hard today. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and snuggly. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (poorly) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh wow, the puppies are beautiful, I hope three is not too much of a handful but they are adorable and I can see why Auntie Jane couldn't leave one behind on its own. Hope your Bonios were safe, it is probably a bit early for them to go stealing Bonios. Poor man being faced with you all finding a sniff and rolling, especially when visitors were due, sometimes I wonder if other people have cameras and get great shots of a man jumping up and down, must get our video camera out and stalk you all. Sorry little Archie isn't well, he is going through a really bad patch, let's hope he soon gets over all this and gives his mum a break. xxxxxx

  3. Oh what gorgeous puppies, such sweet facies, although I know what a handful 3 puppies can be. They are keeping me very busy. My mum has sent TM an email with some photos of my pups. They are 5 weeks now. They sleep in a big pen and I have a big comfy bed just outside so I can hop in if they need me but I get a good night's sleep now as they are starting to eat puppy scoff.
    We're all sorry to hear that Archie is feeling so rotten. We hope he starts to feel better soon. Poor little fellow.
    Sending love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx