Saturday, 4 March 2017

A New Woofer on The Wall!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back again!

Well, Saturday is for relaxing and snoozing and as far as Old Two Legs goes, shovelling Ferret Poo!

It has been a dull sort of day weather wise, not very exciting at all, in fact, rather boring! We did see some Black Thorn trees in flower, so that's a good Spring Indicator!

We were doing our normal Beach Sniffing when we spotted a young woofer in the distance who looked more legs than anything else!

Wot do you reckon, Sniff or Woof?
 When it finally arrived it was a bit scared of us and Old Two Legs, that was until OTL took his hat off and had a little game with the woofer!

Not sure about you lot!
He was introduced as Prince and his Two Legs were the 'Westie Dave' who sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a while ago.

Prince is a bit of a mixture, we can see Poodle but we're not sure about the other half!

I'm only a little puppy!
 We look forward to seeing more of him on the Sea Wall!

Eric was in fine fettle with his digging on the sand. He did a long trench and he would have gone further except for the lead stopping him go any further!

I'm a Trenching Ferret!
 Being Saturday it has been 'Clean Up' day and OTL has been dashing about with the carpet cleaner sweeping up all our biscuit crumbs and stuff he has dropped as well! Then of course there is all the stuff the ferrets have been pinching and hiding under the chairs and behind all the curtains!

We got Doggy Scoff today, yuk! I blame The Missus, OTL would never buy us that terrible stuff, still, he does give us some of the gravy after he has finished his meal!

Sunday will be a load of fun, loads of rain promised, the ferrets might get to stay in bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. We've had nice weather here, it was as though spring had sprung. I met up with a couple of my woofer mates today, first there was Boris the bounce, my mum has to pick me up and hold me while Boris and I have a sniff of each other then I get down on the ground cos by then Boris is all bounced out and quiet enough not to try to use me as a trampoline. Then along came Monty from next door while Boris and I was discussing the local sniffs. Monty is too scared of Boris to Boris trotted off with his TL and I had a quick chat with Monty. I've been down to the vets to get weighed, my mum says I've put on 1/2 a kilo so I'm on a diet again ............. boooooooooo. Me and my mum have been busy, we've done bed changing, I love helping with putting the duvet cover on, my mum says it takes longer with me helping, don't know what she means, how can you get a cover on a duvet if it's laying flat, I scrunch it up so it goes in the cover quicker. Then we did some hoovering, I had a game of chase the hoover. Then my mum cut the grass then I went out to help her pick up bits of branches and stuff that had blown in the garden during the storms. I've just been out to do a quick patrol and the rain is hammering down now. Now that little woofer looks like a nice little chap, he's all legs but I guess he'll grow into them. He must be some kind of doodle dog, which means he's going to always be in a bit of bother cos us doodle dogs seem to find bother every where we turn. Glad to hear you all had some fun on the beach but sorry to hear you've been given doggie scoff for your dinner, that really isn't on and I hope the ladies out in Texas get to hear wot Mrs TM left you to eat, they might not take her out for pancakes and bacon if they hear wot she feeds you. OTL is nice giving you his gravy to help that yukkie scoff go down, mind, he could always share his dinners with you instead of giving that yukky scoff, he could throw the tins away so that Mrs TM wouldn't get to know about it. Have a good evening all and enjoy the gravy even if the scoff isn't fit for a proper woofer. Loved all the pictures today. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Been quite good here weather wise although it began to get cold this afternoon, we lunched at Wetherspoons on steak and kidney pudding, chips, peas and a whole boat full of gravy, a small boat, more of a dingy I suppose. OTL has been busy with all the cleaning and clearing he deserves a nice glass of something and some shortbread especially as he shared his gravy, still not heard about those Happy Meals. Prince looks a fun playmate, next time he sees you he will be better. Have a nice restful Sunday, hope the weather is kind to you. Poor Archie's mum has been busy and cutting the grass, that's a wow, hope she has a restful day after working hard maybe OTL will post her a glass of something with a bit of shortbread. xxxxxx