Friday, 17 March 2017

Marley gets beaten up!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Not so warm today, still, it's not raining!

We have started to clear up here. The questions yesterday about the dishwasher, like wot has been loaded up with if Old Two Legs has been eating off plastic plates. Well, you have forgotten that he eats breakfast so that is a bowl full of rabbit food, then his mug for his tea and after that there is his glass for orange juice and of course the ferrets bowl for their Lactose Free Milk and then a small plate for his toast and jam. Then there is the mid morning cup of tea followed by lunch which uses a plate and a mug for his tea and there is the knives and forks he uses to shovel it all in his mouth! Then there is afternoon tea and cakes with some cucumber sandwiches and Salmon and Shrimp Paste Bread Fingers! Of course, that is all before his dinner!

He has all the stuff he uses for dinner including the knife and fork for digging through the plastic film covering his nosh and the plate for the cheese and biscuits we have after the apple pie and custard.

There is also the bowls we have kept full of nibbles for the evening, like shortbread and twiglets and cheesy biscuits and not to mention the crystal whisky glasses that we have almost run out of!

It's a hard life here you know and OTL is down to his last pair of socks before he has to open up the pack that contains his new ones!

Then there is the bed, we are not sure if we should vacuum the bed to get rid of the crumbs or just brush them over to the side of the bed where The Missus sleeps, mind you, the carrot ends are getting a bit whiffy so we might get the vacuum cleaner out!

Enough of the domestic engineering, it can wear a woofer out just thinking about it!

We were down on the beach having our normal sniff when we spotted young Marley, who just loves OTL, and coming from the other direction was little Prince, who also loves OTL! Holly and I hung back to see what would happen.


 Prince jumped up and pushed Marley to the ground, going for the throat we thought but Prince had forgot that that Marley's backside was still in the air, so that didn't count and a 'Clean Fall'

So, he backed off until Marley got up again and did a flying jump at Marley's head.............

A Four Paw Jump!
Again Marley went down and we thought it was all over but as you can see, Marley still had his tail in the air!

Just stay there while I sort your backside out!
We could have watched the fun and games all day but the ferrets wanted to get home so off we went!

We had some work to do!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside with the ring side view of the goings on. Well, wow! Just WOW!!!! Now we know who that picture of the silhouette was yesterday, it was OTL! All that scoff he gets thru, flippin eck, no wonder they can only afford doggie scoff for you and Holly chops. I notice OTL puts the dishes in that the ferrets have had their brekkie in, wot about your bowls, or does you small ration not need a dish? Has OTL turned his socks inside out before he goes to open up a new pack? Now as for the crumbs in the bed ............. first you need to do a good sniff and hoover up any bite size crumbs, then if you get on top of the duvet and rake it about a bit that should ensure an even distribution of crumbs so that everyone gets their fair share to sleep on, these can come in very handy if someone wakes up needing a mid night snack. If you brush them on the floor they only stick to TL's feet and end up back in the bed again and it's a bit of a waste of energy. Look at that little hooli Prince beating up on Marley now I reckon Prince won that fight on points, he did manage to get Marley down a couple of times even if it was a clean knock out. Glad you all had a good time down on the beach, specially with the entertainment. Don't work too hard on the cleaning up cos once it's done you only have to do it again in a few days. I know Mrs TM will be sorry her holiday is coming to an end but I bet she just can't wait to get home for cuddles and licks now. You've been very brave letting her go. I got into trouble again this morning, when my mum goes to work I've taken to having a bit of a sing song to let Boy and Mrs Boy know I'm downstairs on my own and I know they're upstairs and want to cuddle me. I went thru my whole repertoire of songs this morning. Seems I wasn't top of the pops. Never mind, on Sunday I'll sing some newer songs and see if they go down better. Have fun tonight cos I expect you might have an early night tomorrow, up early Sunday ready for Mrs TM. Love, licks, and wags from little (no. 80 in the charts) Arch and Mr (backing singer) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh wow, I never commented yesterday as I was too worn out after reading about your chores and all those dishes and cutlery, mind you Archie has a real point when he noticed no mention of your little bowls. Maybe OTL puts your little rations on his used plastic plate complete with whatever he didn't fancy eating! All those crumbs and carrot ends made me giggle but I have calmed down enough to re-read and here I am. That was a good lunch up between Marley and Prince, a bit one sided and of course Prince had the advantage of speed, lovely pictures to, tell OTL.
    We are actually in Womenswold, it allows men as long as they drive the vans about and empty the loos, we haven't found Menswold yet but I don't think I would like it.
    All the excitement of TM's return, it is going to be such a happy occasion and I hope OTL hasn't planned on treating her to the last remaining Happy Meal. A bit damp today although it is dry at the moment, we are test driving our new solar panel so we lead exciting lives as well, have a lovely Saturday, hear from you when you get time xxxxxx and extra x for TM.

  3. Even a punch up (not lunch up) even the I-pad thinks food. xx