Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Freddy worries OTL and we get worried about a Grooming Table!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back with you again!

In answer to your question Archie Babe, the Grumbly Tum is all better now and things are 'Back to Normal'!

Mind you, it was a bit much having your TL locking herself out, I mean, Bozo or wot!

Old Two Legs had to climb in through the bathroom window one day when he forgot his keys. No problem except that he now has locked the ladders away to stop anyone else sneaking through the bathroom window!

This morning we were out with May and Eric but it was a bit later than normal which turns out to be no bad thing 'cos we didn't see anyone along the Sea Wall!

Holly had fun dancing along the wall and blowing raspberries at OTL!

The Phantom Raspberry Blower!
 We spotted the Rubbish Barge coming back to the Medway and Holly still reckons it looks like a submarine!

Periscope Down!
 After cleaning all the cages and doing his jobs, OTL went looking for Freddy so that he could have a game of 'Tickle Tums'.

Freddy was found curled up in the pile of shopping bags that the ferrets find such fun.

Freddy was sort of awake but didn't show too much attention to Miss Wendy when she came tearing along the floor and Bonked him on the head!

OTL picked up Freddy and gave him a cuddle but Freddy seemed more interested in sleeping than playing!

There he was, all cuddled up in OTL's arms, with his tongue poking out, Freddy not OTL!

OTL gave him a long cuddle and decided that what Freddy needed was his bed!

As we got into the office Freddy suddenly woke up, wriggled his backside and headed off to the Ferretone bottle for a slurp!

Mind you, after a slurp he headed back to his bed and has been sleeping ever since!

Come lunch time OTL decided to leave Freddy in bed and instead took Holly and I for our midday walk. Miss Wendy was cuddled up in Freddy's paws so we left her there as well!

Again, there was no one on the beach and it was just starting to rain.

That was a good excuse for us to get a move on and back to the car before the rain started to come down in bucket loads!

OTL has been watching a Grooming Table on eBay and this afternoon he put a bid in for it, he won!

So now we have a machine that will strap us to the frame while OTL gets busy with the electric clippers and the shears!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well that Freddy sounds like he needs his kip. I must admit I do like a snooze myself. Now wots this we hear about a table. We're pleased OTL won but crikey, a bar that straps you too the table ........ gulp. Now my groomer has one of them but cos my mum stays they don't strap me to it. I'm not sure I fancy being strapped. My mum does me on a garden table so that's why I walk in circles, I suppose a bar would stop that ....... or would it? My mum went to work this afternoon so I have been boysitting. Luckily for him he behaved. Now my mate Buddy, he's only a young woofer, was attacked yesterday, luckily he's alright but all the local woofer walkers are keeping their eyes opened for the naughty dog who is unsociable. My mum always takes a big heavy walking stick when we go out, just in case anything looks at me the wrong way. We're all feeling sorry for Buddy cos he's such a softie. Sounds like you had lots of fun on the beach today, I bet Holly blows good raspberries. I'm very pleased to hear her grumbly tum is better. My mum has hidden some keys so hopefully she won't lock herself out again. I bet OTL didn't like having to climb thru the bathroom window. Hope you all have a lovely evening with plenty of muggings, I'm off to see wot I can sniff out for my tea. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. I have a story about someone who locked herself out which meant her little sausage dog was locked inside, it would take too much typing but involves a bikini, rain and a hidden key in the front garden which is high up and level with the upstairs of the bus which stops outside the house! We laughed our heads off when she told us at work, would have been better if she had remembered where the key was buried! Was Freddie feeling a bit under the weather this morning, if so I hope he will be better tomorrow, probably didn't want to battle the rain. Lovely picture of the phantom raspberry blower, she looks very cheeky glad her tum is better.
    Now this grooming table, not sure about the bar and chains, just how big is it? Will it be installed outside where the neighbours have full view, it will be like bear baiting, all the neighbours our shouting and jeerin, the TV people will be round again! Take care of yourselves, I shall try and respond when I can over the next few days, we will see how it goes. xxxxxx