Thursday, 27 July 2017

I've been stabbed, OTL has been injured and robbed!

Oooooooo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Today has not been the best of days!

It started off being all cloudy and dismal looking down on the beach.

Miss May did her best to brighten up the day by having a roll on something smelly that even Holly and I wouldn't touch! 

When the sniff gets you, you just have to roll!
 Mind you, it didn't bring the sun out but we had a laugh at Old Two Legs trying to control two ferrets and two woofers all of whom wanted to do something naughty and in different directions!

You see that Sea Gull? She was tapping the mud to bring the worms up to the surface!
 Me? Well I found me a sniff that had my name on it and didn't it suit me!

It's calling me!
 Lunchtime we were out a little earlier than normal and today Freddy Boy and Wendy came out with us.

Freddy was a little more awake than yesterday but he still needed a carry 'cos it was getting too warm for him.

After delivering the ferrets back to their house we headed off to the vet for our yearly stabbing! Now, normally we would go to the vets on our own but put Holly and me together and we feed off each others vibes.

I was up first and I must admit, I threw a wobbler. You see I suffer wot OTL calls 'Blue Coat Syndrome'  !

There is something about a vet, in a blue coat, holding a whacking great stabbing needle and syringe!

OTL couldn't hold me and Holly, so the nurse was brought in and I got stabbed!

Then it was Holly's turn and it didn't take too much to get her done!

OTL was injured, you see my claws sort of chewed a lump of his skin and there was blood everywhere!

I said I was sorry but he didn't cry, until they presented the bill!

I think that OTL will get his own back tomorrow 'cos he off to collect that grooming table with the straps hang us woofers from!

I reckon one of us will get done this weekend, Holly I hope!

See you tomorrow woofers!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties. Well Daisy let me at that vet wot stabbed you ..... I'll sort em out. I hope they gave OTL a plaster for his sore bit. Holly chops is a brave girl, I suppose she saw you getting worried and decided to stand still so that they wouldn't hurt her. She was probably frozen to the spot. Ask your vet to change his colour coat or better still not to wear it when you go in. I bet poor OTL is sore in the wallet as well. Glad to hear that Freddy had a walk today, even if he was carried for part of it. Now these sniffs.......... I trust Miss May got a telling off and a good wash with soap and water. You look like you're really enjoying your sniff. Loved the pictures. Now somehow I can't see OTL hanging you or Holly chops. Has OTL got to go far to get his table? I've been out for a ride in the car today and I called in to see Brenda and get a treat and a cuddle. When we got home though I didn't want to get out of the cage, I fancied a longer ride but seeing as we'd done all our jobs my mum made me get out. It's been a bit boring here today cos my mum cut the grass so there aren't any nice sniffs to roll in, the mower seems to suck up all the decent sniffs. Have a good evening all and hope the muggings are up to scratch. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Well I heard that Archie's mum was out in the garden with that lawn mower wearing her baby dolls, don't remember where I heard it from but it must be true. That grooming table sounds a bit suspect, I wonder why the previous owner sold it? What is its history? TM will need to be in the garden recording the "operation", we are waiting! I hope your stab hole has healed up, you can't afford to loose any of your vital blood, lucky Holly seems too traumatised to have notice though. Poor OTL got more wounded than anyone, poor old thing, I hope he a a plaster and a nice doggie nibble to cheer him up. Don't tell me that TM laughed, she can't be that cruel! We are in Welland and have some internetty stuff so Michael has posted some pictures and I am here, don't know how long it will last though. xxxxxx

  3. Big hello to all our friends down south. What a lot of rolling in sniffs today. OTL took some great photos of you all rolling. Well Bella & I also got stabbed by the vet today. I also got a thermometer poked where the sun don't shine so I made my feelings felt very loudly. My mum is sad today because her girl, Danielle has gone home. She was looking after our mum after the important doctor but a big knife in her back and put in all the scaffolding. We are sad too because she took us for walks and gave us lots of cuddles too. She got home safely and our good pal Rizzo gave her lots of licks and went crazy to see her mum again. Well its bed time again so I need to go. Love, licks, sniffs, wags and woofs from Izzy xxxxxx