Saturday, 8 July 2017

Now this is strange!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Sorry about yesterday but Old Two Legs didn't get in 'til late and was all worn out after his day at the Kent County Show.

He enjoys his day out photographing people and animals.

OK, That's Breakfast and now it's Pimms 'O' Clock!
 One time he used to photograph the animals and contestants but he now looks for the 'Funny or Unusual'!

If the ponies don't arrive soon, will we have to jump over those fences?
 The Blacksmith stand is always fun and hot and sweaty! It is difficult photographing without flash 'cos the sun is out and they are all in the dark of the smithy.

Still, he tries!
Is my arse on fire?
 It was all hot metal and fire and banging and bending and in the end it became a horse shoe!

OK, where's me 'orse?
 So, while OTL was playing up at the show ground we were being looked after by The Missus.

We got taken down to the beach and although I wasn't allowed to go in for a swim, I did get a dig in the sand!
Can I have a swim later?
 This morning the sun was hiding behind the clouds but it was still warm and muggy!

How can it be cloudy and still so warm?
 OTL took us walkies today and without the lead! I thought I was in luck 'cos the tide was in!

I reckon I will get in for a swim today!
 Unfortunately, as we got closer to the beach, I got put on the lead!

Not fair!

Wendy and Freddy had some fun but by the time we got back to the car they were both feeling a bit warm, so, OTL gave them a wash in water from the two metal bottles he keeps in the car.

They were soaking but it did cool them down!

It's going to be a hot run back to the car!
 The Missus is in trouble, serious trouble.

You see Archie Babe sent his Two Legs, Auntie Elaine, down to TM's Master Class today and when OTL dropped the car off at the village hall TM didn't tell him she was there.

Naughty TM!

Now she is in the Poo for a change!

We are off to the Kent Show tomorrow to visit the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue stand to see the ferrets and say hello to everyone!

See yo all tomorrow with some fun photo's!


It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. It's not just Mrs TM that's in the poo, my mum is in the poo for not bringing me with her. She said that I would find it too hot in the car cos I've been laying around panting for the last few days, so she left me home in charge of the boy! I'm a bit fed up with babysitting duties so today I didn't sing to him, that'll learn him, he should be old enough to look after himself. Anyways, I had a quiet day waiting for my mum to come home and take over the duties of guarding and babysitting. I'm worn out really. Loved all those photos OTL took but I still reckon the ones he takes of you lot are the best. Now my mum said that she was with Mrs TM when OTL sent her a text to say Daisy had done 2 poos and Holly had only done 1, come on Holly chops, keep up. Mind, if OTL done a league table of who does the most poos in your house, I reckon the ferrets will probably be top of the league. Shame you didn't get to have a dip but probably best to wait and see how your leg goes, I mean, you don't want to put it under a strain and then end up being grounded for another week. I hope it isn't hurting anymore. Did you manage to get a sniff of Mrs TM's bag cos there's some shortbread in there for you and Holly chops, some chews for OTL and some milk for the ferrets........ I think that was the order I told my mum to put them in. My mum hope to be coming back down soon and if it's cooler she'll bring me with her. I must admit I don't like this heat. Anyways, hope you get some serious muggings tonight and enjoy your day tomorrow, say hello to all the ferrets at the Harrietsham stand for me. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Tell your mum l gave scoffed the Chocs . They are yummy ... was great to see your mum today. HUGS FROM TM xxx

    1. Have not gave lol. All mine !!!! Xxxx

  3. Oi Mrs TM, Daisy and Holly will think I don't luv them anymore, glad you enjoyed the choccies, I think I'd like choccies if I ever got one but my cruel mum won't share xxxxx

  4. Well you have all been very busy! Mum says she likes the photo of the man by the fire who is growling at a Number2...which brings me to ask why is OTL texting about your poos? Is TM keeping a league table? I'm with Archie Babe, I think the ferretts would win! We've had a quiet day because mum is trying to get rid of the lurgy before she has the scaffolding put on her spine. So we had a lazy day ib the garden, but the 3 musketeers (AKA Tommy, Genie and Lady) decided that lots of worms needed rescuing from the ground and dug lots of holes in the lawn, we all came in and I got to lay on the bed with mum while she had a long snore...oops I mean snooze. She's beginning to feel a bit better now but still has abit of a tickle so she keeps sticking her head over steaming smelly stuff then blowing her nose. Mum's mum is driving up from Kent tomorrow to look after us while Dad takes mum to hospital. They need to stay in a hotel Sunday night because its 2hrs away so I woofers can't visit but we'll give her lots of licks when she comes home. Lots of love, woofs, licks and sniffs from Izzy xxxxxxx

  5. Sorry I could not comment on this when I saw it yesterday, the internetty thing wouldn't show me the pictures so I had to wait. The mini TLs looking for their ponies is really good and the poor man who looks like he is on fire, well spotted OTL. You had a lot of tooing and froing and poo counts for a Saturday fare wore me out, it was too hot for everyone, off to see Sunday xxxxxx