Monday, 31 July 2017

Year End for OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We have been fun today, Old Two Legs is doing what he calls 'Year End' which roughly translates as 'Piles of Paper and a New Battery for the Desk Calculator'!

OTL reckons he has been 'In Business' now for twenty three years and tomorrow will be the start of year twenty four!

It has been sunny down here in North Kent, no storms or rain at all. We hear that Izzy's Mum is doing well, she has been dancing around the house with the feather duster!

Now Monday has arrived, all the weekend visitors have cleared off so we get the beach to ourselves!

Just so many sniffs after they have all gone!
Holly woke up with sore eyes this morning, so OTL has made an appointment with the vet to get some ointment for her conjunctivitis!

I'm glad I don't get it 'cos it looks all gungy and her eyes are red and sore as well!

Lunchtime we spotted some Mini Two Legs on the beach with the Grand Parents but we stayed away! I don't like it when they chase after us!

At lunchtime we go to a different car park 'cos the ferrets love to have a run on the football pitch.

Holly keeps on getting chased by Freddy but Holly stays just out of reach!

Catch me if you can Rat Chops!
 Eric does manage to get Holly sometimes but Freddy is a bit slow, but one day he will catch her out you can be sure!

Holly's appointment is at six forty five so I reckon we will be getting dinner early today!

OTL says that the new scissors should be here by Wednesday, so I may get a hair cut soon and OTL says he will have another go at Holly, especially on her 'Boots' 'cos he reckons they need a little more off. Plus of course, her head needs tidying up as well!

Holly reckons that we should have a go at OTL's hair when he needs a trim, he would look great with Punk Hair Do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Hello from Stow in the Wold, strange sounding place but a typical pretty Coltswold village. Now, don't get too worried about Wednesday, Michael said he thinks you will waylay the delivery man and send him somewhere else to avoid the hair cut, as if you would do that! The beach looks nice and sandy, plenty of digging opportunities you might find some treasures, left over sandwiches, bits of unwanted chicken, who knows what. Well done on OTL being in business all that time, next year a telegram from the Queen make sure he puts in his order. Good news about Izzy's mum dancing with the feather duster but tell her to be careful xx. I see poor Holly is in trouble again, hope the lovely vet sorts her out quickly with the nasty sore eyes better very very soon. Hope the food in Kent is good, we are having Chinese things for dinner, be thinking of my favourite little woofers xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties. Sorry to hear about Holly chops needing to go to the vets, hope she gets on alright and her sore eyes are soon sorted. Fancy that Freddy chasing her when she's got sore eyes ..... boooo hissss Mr Freddy. Sounds like Michael and Mrs Sue are having a good time and pleased to hear Izzy's mum is feeling better. Well done OTL being in business for so long. I think Mrs Sue has come up with a good idea, chase the delivery man away then you won't get a hair cut. I'm going to the groomers on Wednesday but I'm still working on my cunning plan. Loved the pictures today. Now I wonder if you need curved scissors to cut OTL's fringe. Hope the scoff is up to standard this evening. I'm looking forward to a lay in tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Greetings from a showery Eden Valley. Congratulations to OTL for 24 yrs in business. We all hope that Holly got on ok at the vet and that the ointment soon makes her better. Freddy and Eric are cheecky Ferrets chasing poor Holly chops. Our dad got ideas from OTL and tried to give poor Genie a trim but she was super scared of the clippers so he then gave Hamish a trim about his nether regions which gave us all a laugh. My mum is finding it easier to get up and down the stairs now. She doesn't need to pull herself up on the handrail anymore but she still has to do one step at a time. She also managed to fill up the bird feeders so we are looking forward to seeing the Greater Spotted Woodpeker come back. We are enjoying having her home all day but wish that it would stop raining. We have 9 more days of showers according to the weatherman. Which is not fun and we are very jealous of your lovely sunny days on the beach. It sounds like Sue and Mike are in a very pretty place and we can't wait to hear whether Archie manages to escape from his appointment with the groomer on Wednesday. I wonder what he has planned. We didn't get much sleep last night because a new bozo was visiting next door and he was in the outdoor kennel with the other two woofers. He kept giving woofs all night so Tommy and Lady told him who was boss so Bella joined in and gave her special howl. So then the bozo hears Bella's howl and gives a woof ...and the pups bark, Bella howls, Bozo woofs ...ALL NIGHT UNTIL 4AM when mum gets Bella and brings her upstairs on the bed. She had tried cheesy kongs for the pups and was going to sleep downstairs but bringing Bella upstairs worked a treat and dad put in his earplugs. Guess what? The Bozo was barking again at 6.3pam when Dad got up for work. So we really hope that the Bozo has gone home and we get a good night's sleep. Love, licks, woofs and northern sniffs from Izzy and da gang xxxxxx