Saturday, 12 August 2017

Short Back and Sides and a Bit off the Butt!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We like Saturdays, you see there is always a chance that The Missus is off to her Master Class or Gas & Glitter Day at the local village Hall. That leaves us in the hands of Old Two Legs who, after doing all his jobs, has a game with the ferrets and then Holly and I!

First thing this morning we were down on the beach and looking at the clouds we thought we might be in for some rain!

Early Morning on the North Kent Coast
 We started off by having a roll in the sand. Well, to start off the ferrets did all the rolling and we had to stand back and wait!

Anyone would think they owned the beach!
 Miss May hadn't had a run yesterday so she was well up for a good roll, she even tried kicking Eric out of the hole!

When you haven't had a roll for some time, the first roll feels just great!
 I thought that I'd have a go at getting them out but Eric got all big and brave and tried to give me a 'Ferret Kiss'!

Gerroff out of our hole!
Back home OTL set about doing his jobs and when he started off cleaning Eric and May's cage he had a nasty shock. There were two piles of poo that were red!

I mean, if Holly or I had done something like that we'd be straight off down the vet's complete with blue flashing lights and loud sirens!

After the first bit of panic, OTL took a closer look at piles of poo.

Now, a little while ago we took delivery of a box of Ferretone and the supplier had put a packet of Ferret Treats in with the Ferretone. Eric loved the treats and so did Freddy Boy. May and Wendy didn't bother, so the lads made pigs of themselves.

Unfortunately, the treats were covered in a vegetable dye which turned their poo blood red!

OTL dumped the treats, fearing there may be stuff in there that might upset their tummies!

On inspection of the poo piles, they were exactly the same colour!

Panic over!

It looks like one of the ferrets had hidden the treats only to be dug out again from under the piles of stuff in TM's Store Room!

After all the jobs had been done Holly got another Bath and hair cut!

As she was the first to be 'experimented on' by OTL and his clippers. She was OK on the body but her legs ended up being a bit 'Hairy', so, OTL did a quick trim on her back and tummy then set about doing her legs. Holly was a good girl and although she wiggled about a bit, most of the time she stood still.

OTL says that he may have another go next week and try to improve the 'Cut'.

He also says that I may get a trim as well, mind you, he'll have to catch me first!

While he was clearing everything up he managed to trip over and hurt his ankle, poor lad, that will teach him to pick his paws up!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. What a Saturday you have had, panic poo, cutters out and a trip over, that's three things so all should be well now. Glad Miss May seems to have recovered and having a beach roll, good news. Does OTL think the ferrets have hidden any more red treats around, he will have to search for radioactive substances to check. Hope Holly is pleased with her redesigned boots, did she stand still out of obedience or fright? It has been another funny weather day, Michael said as it was bright he would give the van an airing, picked up the keys, opened the house door and guess what, it was raining so he put the keys down. It turned out bright in the end so it is getting an airing and we are watching in case it rains. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties. Wow, wot a day, poor OTL, wot a fright with the poos then tripping over, I hope he's not hurt. Good to hear that Miss May is feeling better today. Loved the pictures today. Now that little Eric is getting a bit big for his boots, he might need them trimmed, fancy chasing you out of the hole. Holly is a good girl letting OTL practise on her. Now I'm thinking of writing a book, I think I'll name it, Tom tit and the jam puffs, I know it sounds like a boy band but it will be about poo. I reckon OTL and my mum could contribute some thoughts to my book. They seem to be experts on poo like wot I am. Like Mrs Sue says, I hope there isn't anymore of the red treat stash hidden away, poor OTL can't stand too many shocks like that. Now my mum had one apple on her tree this year and some mangy squirrel has nicked it, eaten half of it and dumped the other half in the garden, well I found it and I took it in to my mum, I was a good boy, and to prove that I'm not a tea leaf I gave it to my mum. My mum was a bit disappointed cos she was looking forward to eating it herself since it was the only one on the tree. Well I'm off for an early night cos I'm on guard duty and boy sitting duties in the morning. Have a lovely evening, hope Mrs TM enjoyed her day. Hope you get some good muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx