Monday, 20 March 2017

She is Back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back with you again!

Yesterday and today have a bit of a 'Mix Up Day'! Yesterday Old Two Legs was up an hour earlier than normal so he could get the ferrets all cleaned out, then Holly and I got a walk down on the beach, all before eight thirty when he left to pick up The Missus and Shirley from the airport.

We of course couldn't go along with him 'cos they don't allow woofers in airports, unless they are in 'Travelling Cages'!

So, we stayed at home and stood guard at the bedroom window waiting for TM to arrive! 

Waiting for TM & OTL!
The ferrets were a bit put out, not getting their run along the beach but OTL promised them a walk when he got back!

After a while Auntie Sheila came over and let us out into the garden for a wee, then it was back up to the bedroom window to resume guard duties!

Early afternoon they all arrived back and Holly and I went just a little potty!

In fact we went right potty!

There was a sniff of Texas Desert about the suit case and on her sneakers but it was good to have her back!

OTL got a bottle of Single Malt as well!

Funny thing was, as soon as she sat down, she fell asleep! OTL says it is something called 'Jet Lag' and he did try to explain it but to be honest, we got bored and fell asleep as well!

Mind you, we did have Plawns and Rice and Plawn Clackers!

Off we all went to bed and half way through the night TM got up and was unpacking and doing stuff downstairs with the lights on, which woke us all up, including OTL!

Seems we are getting back to normal again!

Today has been all about trying to wear the washing machine out! Loads of stuff going in and out and then trying to get it all dried before the rain comes!

I still reckon it's too early, I've got 'Jet Lag'!
Freddy and Wendy said they would have rather stayed in bed pretending they had jet lag, just so they could get a couple more hours sleep!

May and Eric were a little more adventurous and set about digging the beach up to make sandcastles!

'ere! It's gone all dark again!
 As Eric said.................
Gawd! There's one born every minute!
 There was a load of cloud up in the sky and Holly said she can sniff rain on the wind! We decided that we wouldn't hang around too long 'cos there is one thing we don't like doing..............getting wet!

Now, where is a Yellow Filter when you want one!
 Holly and I agreed that a quick trot back to the car would be a very good idea as well!

OK, cars that way!
Now, normally we wouldn't worry too much about the clouds but did you know, this is the first day of Spring!

OTL reckons he saw a butterfly but then decided it was maybe too early for butterflies and maybe it was a day time moth!

Trouble was, this Butter-Moth did a couple of wing flaps and dived into a bush, so we didn't see it again. Maybe we will see it tomorrow, if there is no rain!

OTL has been doing 'Paperwork' today, so we have been pretending we have 'Jet Lag' and spent the afternoon snoozing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.