Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lost Polly Chops and OTL has been 'Engineering!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

What a day it's been!

First we hear that Auntie Chris had a successful operation on her knee and they even had her out of bed and tearing around the ward on a zimmer frame!

Wonder what foot she uses on the brake pedal!

Old Two Legs has been working hard on the caravan, getting those little jobs done that start off being 'Easy Peasy' and somehow develop into a major engineering project!

Now, take the cap on the water tank, it was leaking  but there were no signs of why. So, starting at the cap he started to unscrew the whole system. Finally he found it was the cap that had developed a crack in the moulding. So, get on the Internetty and order another. He found the manufacturer and the list of spare bits. He located the cap but found that the description was for a 5" cap. Armed with his trusty 12" engineers ruler, he measured all over the cap but couldn't find any dimension that was 5"!

No 5" here either!
So, that means a long telephone discussion with the man on the telephone followed by a long email with loads of pictures of the cap and the tank and the labels on the side showing batch numbers and other stuff!

While this was going on, OTL was 'Mending' the broken cap by drilling holes at the ends of the crack and then filling the crack with a water proof glue that should set hard in 24hours!

The new cap should be here on Friday, with any luck!

Now if you thought that was a bit long and boring, I won't tell you about the central heating duct under the bed or the catch in the cupboard or the water filter and the leak on the water pump and finally, the slat on the bed, that's all another story!

With all that going on he didn't have much time to spend on the beach. Holly and I were sniffing while OTL was on the phone chasing caps and even the ferrets got fed up listening to him going on about 5" dimensions that weren't there!

What OTL hadn't noticed was a strange woofer on the beach. Now Holly saw that the ferrets were having a dig while OTL was somewhere in the clouds going on about inches. So, it was up to Holly to make sure this new woofer didn't get close to our ferrets 'cos we remember what happened to Wilma when she met u p with a strange woofer!

Holly keeping an eye of the woofer!
In the end the woofer wandered off in the opposite direction, so all was well.

Well, that was until we came across little Poppy, sitting in the middle of the path, with none of her mates or even her Two Legs!

Seems she got a little lost while she was having a sniff and everyone had wandered off!

We stayed with her for a while and OTL gave her a stroke and a tickle on her tummy until her TL appeared over the top of the hill to collect Poppy!

So, we just come in from the caravan and OTL is down stairs eating dinner while I get full use of the laptop!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.