Thursday, 18 November 2010


Hello Everyone Daisy Here,

I've been down to Grandma's again, a little late in the day this time. So that means I didn't get to play on the fields in the light.

However, OTL parked the car and left TM in the car with the headlights on full beam pointing across the fields.

This was great, OTL and I could run along the beam and chase the leaves in the wind.

All was well until I noticed that in the distance there appeared a 'Thing' standing under the trees. At first I did not take too much notice but as we got closer, it got bigger. It looked horrible, sort of long and black. 

Well I was getting a little concerned, the closer we got, the bigger it got.

By now all thoughts of wee'ing or poo'ing had gone and I was up on my back legs looking at the 'Thing'

Shock! Horror!  When I stood up on my back legs I could see that there, by the side of the 'Thing' was a smaller 'Thing'.

That's it I thought, time to see if they get scared by the barking of Dangerous Daisy!

No way, they just stood there looking at us.

It was at that point I decided that a safe place to be would be back in the car with TM, so I spun around and legged it back to the car, leaving OTL as rear guard.

Standing outside the car I let off a large number of 'Woofs' that if TM could understand, would translate as 'Open the door, now, monsters are chasing me, put the book down and let me in Now'!!!!!!!

Well finally she got the message and let me in.

OTL finally turned up, in one piece, climbed in the car, laughing!!!

He told the story of me and the 'Thing' and something called a 'Shadow thrown up by the car Headlights'

Still looked like a horrible 'Thing' to me!


  1. How scary, you were right to get back in the car. Hugs, Mary & Dougal X

  2. Sometimes you are a bit of a wimp Daisy ....x