Sunday, 17 March 2013

He's Home!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again and so is Old Two Legs!

We had a run around The Farm this morning with The Missus but we didn't enjoy the walk up there 'cos there were chippings all over the pavement which hurt our paws!

Back home to Doggy Scoff which we had a chew of but we would prefer some more Lambs Heart!

We settled down for a snooze, I went up and slept on OTL's dressing gown and Holly got her tummy stroked by TM who was on the sofa watching the F1 racing!

About one thirty we both heard a clicking of the front door key in the lock, so straight away we thought 'Burglars!' and started off with our 'Warning Growl'........then back came a 'Warning Growl' from the other side of the door.

No one does a silly 'Warning Growl' like OTL!

That was it, we were all over him with woofs and licks and jumping about. Holly gave him a big Welcome Home Lick then rushed off to have a go at her chew to celebrate OTL's home coming and I jumped up and gave him another lick on top of his bald head!

After saying hello to us he took all his stuff up stairs and got settled in, then he went to say 'Hello' to Snowflake who hasn't been out of Snowy Heights for two days!

Well she cuddled up to OTL on his lap, then she turned around in a circle, or as OTL calls it, a 'Ferret Doughnut', then she licked his hand and curled up some more!

We think she was pleased to see him!

She was also pleased to get a slurp of Ferretone and another cuddle before OTL got her squeaky toys out and they played a game of 'Hide & Squeak', which Snowflake says is great fun!

That's it! I heard a 'Squeak' then!
 OTL sometimes hides her toys in the cardboard box that is full of packing paper that rustles and she rolls around making her laughing noises!

I bet they're in the bottom of the box!
 After a game with Snowflake OTL took us out down The Sea Wall and we played a game of Hunt the Ball, which I won 'cos I'm much faster than Holly and also 'cos she doesn't 'Do Balls'!

Found it!

We had only got a little way along the beach when the clouds decided to dump a load of rain on us!

That was it, short cut back to the car, a rub down with our Doggy Towel and back home for another dry down and a cuddle on the sofa!

Now that OTL is back we can all settle down and TM can get on with her cold that she has picked up from someone!

As long as she stays away from Snowflake, who can catch Two Legs Colds!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake