Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Another sunny day!

Hi Woofers!
We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!

We were up a whole half an hour later than normal, it was Old Two Legs fault, snoring the roof off but still he didn't wake up!

In the end I had to stick my paw on the side of his head and give his ear a lick!

That did the job!

Eric and May came out with us and had some fun sniffing through the long grass.

Lunchtime OTL went off delivering stuff to one of his customers, having spent a whole hour 'Manufacturing' in the office!

We let him go on his own 'cos The Missus had just put out our food bowl and although it is Doggy Scoff, when you are a hungry puppy you will eat anything!

It wasn't long before he got back and off we went down the sea shore.

We decided to leave Monty and Wendy at home 'cos it was a little too hot for ferrets and instead we kept our eyes open for butterflies and stuff like that.

Holly spotted the Chalkhill Blue and OTL spent some time trying to get it focused but hand holding the camera he still shakes a little, it's his age you see!

Who's wobbling, me or you?
 Next we spotted some blackberries, a good sign autumn is around the corner!

Good to eat but you have to watch out for the caterpillars!
 Down on the mud flats we saw a UFO had landed on the mud and every so often would give a little wiggle!

It wasn't until we pointed it out that Holly said it was a deflated gold coloured balloon, a bit like the Roswell UFO!

Well, the Roswell one was silver, not gold!
 Hey, yesterday we noticed there was a comment from a woofer in Northeast Philadelphia, Holly says that is in America, in fact the East Coast of America!

Well, she is clever and knows these things!

It was good to get comments from over the other side of the pond, a big 'Hello' from us over here!

We did notice that we were called pups! Well, puppies at heart even though we are nine years old!

Must away, OTL has been called for dinner so we must help him!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!