Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's Christmas! Eve!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well! It's been a Busy, Busy Day today, we started off with an early trip to the Sea Wall but when we got there the rain decided to pour down on Old Two Legs head!

Holly and I were still in the car and getting our rain coats on and the ferrets were both tucked up in the Ferret Bag.

So, it was only OTL who got wet!

He had to get back in the car, with the ferrets in the bag around his neck, and the we had to wait for about fifteen minutes until the worse of the storm passed.

He had to leave his camera in the car so we had no pictures of us dancing between the puddles!

Back home it was all rush and tear around and OTL finally got the ferrets cage cleaned and then he also managed to get the ferrets claws trimmed using his own nail clippers. The ferrets don't mind this 'cos he lays them down on their backs, the ferrets that is, not the clippers, then, he pours some Ferretone into the lid and puts it across their tummy to the left and then to the right. While the ferrets are licking the lid, OTL cuts the claws on one paw and after moving the bottle to the other side, he trims the other side!

Of course, the ferrets are too busy licking the Ferretone to worry about what OTL is doing, so everything gets done in the end and OTL uses the moment to give them a good inspection all over!

We headed out for our lunchtime walk a little earlier than normal  and ended up for a stomp around the New Park again and The Missus stayed in the big car reading her book. Well, it was just a little muddy!

After that it was off to see Andrea, Paul and the girls Sassy and Tilly.

Now what we didn't know was they had got a couple of cats since we were there last and you know what we are like with Pussy Cats!

I have never seen a cat managed to get all its fur to stand on end at the same time but the one we saw did!

It was hissing and spitting and looked very fierce!

OTL got us away from the window and we got locked in the hall way which spoilt our fun and we didn't get to chase the cat!

So, we have got home and been presented with our scoff while OTL and TM sneak out to visit some of their friends!

We don't mind 'cos it gives us time to have a proper sniff all around the pile of presents!

We have made a Christmas Card for you all and we haven't used any of TMs Glue and Glitter!

A Very Merry Christmas to all our Woofers, and Ferrets as well!
 We will be back tomorrow, all full of Turkey and Pud and Nibbles and anything else we can pinch!

Luv to you all,

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!