Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Beach to Die For!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Well, Holly is still not sure about the forest, she keeps dragging on the lead and Old Two Legs has to go back, tickle her ear and then she is off again, for a while before she does the 'Scaredy' bit again!

OTL took some pictures of the forest this morning, with the sunlight filtering through the branches. I must admit, I've seen better!

After our morning stroll, OTL had some work to do on the computer and a couple of phone calls to make, once finished, we were off to Titchwell Marsh, which is a RSPB site but this one is special!

You see, it has a 'Public Footpath' all the way through it and it keeps going until you reach the beach.

Now, I'm not saying it is big, but we couldn't see one end from the other!

I mean BIG!
We had a super time running and digging and woofing and chasing OTL and The Missus.

Then we found some sniffs that were just right for a roll, so I had one!

Some Sniffs are made for a Roll!
 Holly said that her sniff was better and to prove it............she had a roll as well!

This is GREAT!
Then we played chase the ball and then chase the sea gulls and, well we were exhausted in no time flat and had to have a rest just to get over our fun and games!

Holly doing a Sand Dance!
Then I decided to race off towards the waves, it was miles away from the beach and in the end I had to put up with a big long puddle!

It's a Long Way to the sea!
Holly and I were so puffed that we had to have a rest, just where the puddle was. I sat down but Holly just had a paddle!

Then I decided to try running through the water!

Jus' Cooling Off!
OTL was showing us where a Razor Clam lived, all I could see was a hole and a pile of poo, but we all nodded our heads and tried to look interested!

Eat Sand one end and poo it the other end, so, what's new?
We got back to the car and OTL gave us a good rub down with the towel and brushed our fur so the sand all fell out, into the back of the car!

Back home in the caravan we decided that the best place for us was asleep, catching up on our missed 'Daytime Snoozes'!

Wake me for dinner!
OTL telephoned to see how Snowflake and Mr Brambles were and it appears they are having a super time in the Jacuzzi!

Lucky ferrets! 

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, OTL keeps talking about a Whisky Distillery, but I'm sure they don't do that in England!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly