Thursday, 28 February 2013

Presents for Snowflake.

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

It has been one of those 'Busy Busy' days, you know, the sort that just fly by without you knowing. One minute we were trying to decide on getting up for our morning stroll and the next here I am pounding away at the keyboard trying to get the blog sorted before Old Two Legs shuts the office down for the night!

We started off with our walk along The Sea Wall, trying to play 'Chase The Ball' with the ball that now has more holes than ball, if you know what I mean.

We spotted a Wormy Man with his party clothes on, looking all bright and colourful, I suppose the bright colours are what are called 'High Viz' so and passing ships don't run him over!

High Viz Wormy Man!

Around the corner we heard 'Hellooo Girlie's!'

Guess Who Girlie's?
It was Barney with his mates going out for a stroll as well. The other two dogs, Charlie and Bozo spent all the time play fighting, other than when they said 'hello' to OTL, then they went back to fighting again!

Back home The Missus had cooked up some beef meat for us, or it could have been horse, or donkey for all we knew, but it tasted very nice thank you!

OTL was doing his 'Engineering' bit in the office and soon had some stuff to send out, so, without stopping for lunch, off we went again for a stroll on the Sea Wall.

Holly and I did the ball chasing and this time we dug a hole in the beach and buried the ball in it and dug it up again, just so OTL would think we had found another ball!

Honest! We did find a new one down the hole!
It didn't work 'cos the ball was too light and it even squeaked, so OTL wasn't fooled!

OK, we were joking!
After that it was straight down to the carrier and just when we thought we were going to get a second lunchtime walk, we ended up in the tyre place for a new front tyre.

We woofed at the man who took the wheel off and when he came to see what the mileage was on the speedometer we wouldn't let him in the car!

We both threatened to tear his legs off if he opened the car door!

Next stop was the Doggy Shop!

You Two Legs just don't know what you are missing, that place is so full of sniffs we could stay there for a month and still not get tired of sniffin!

OTL loaded up the basket with Doggy Scoff, but this stuff we don't mind too much and mostly eat it if we don't get fresh meat!

Then he put a pack of one of those dog teeth cleaning chews in the basket, so that was something to look forward to!

Around the corner were the bins full of balls. There were loads of different types. soft ones, squeaky ones, small bouncy ones and ones that had a tinkly bell inside to drive you mad!

We chose the hard bouncy ones we reckon are good for chasing and bouncing along the path!

OTL even put two packs of those in the basket!

Then he had a mooch around and stopped at a place where they had sort of beds and tunnels made of plastic.

It was when he showed us that we knew it was a bed for a ferret! Well, to us it looked like a big slipper for a big paw, but we could see how a ferret could sleep in there!

Well, it makes a change from the Poo Pot!

She has tried it out and reckons that it is comfortable and it may just get a bit warm but it was worth trying out.

So she did!

When she woke up, she forgot where she was and thinking she was still in the Poo Pot, she fell out of bed and banged her chin on the floor!

Soppy Ferret!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Still sleeping!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

TM tries her hand at video!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

It's been another one of those chilly, windy sort of days that the best place to be is inside cuddled up to a warm place!

We decided that this morning when we went down to the sea for our walk. It was still a North East wind, not as cold but cold enough!

We played our game of 'Chase The Ball' and again Holly joined in the fun. That was until she bit into it a bit harder than she should have. It now has a hole in it and when Old Two Legs tried to throw it, it wouldn't bounce along the path, instead it went, Thud, and didn't bounce!

In fact, I've seen a wet dish cloth with more bounce than our ball!

This time it's Mine but the Bounce has gone!
 That was it, no bounce and it went Hissss when I grabbed it!

Holly had some fun making rude noises by biting down hard on the ball and holding her tail up at the same time!

Can you hear this?
Holly decided that it would be good fun to chase a wader type bird across the mud but when she got to the edge decided she didn't want a bath when she got home and slowly backed onto the beach proper!

Well, maybe not!
 She came dashing up the beach shouting 'Watch Me!' and then did a big jump up to the path, not bad for a Porky Puppy!

A Flying Holly!
After we had our 'Morning Snooze' that lasted until lunch time, The Missus got out her iPad thingy that has a movie camera built in and told OTL to get Snowflake out of bed for some video!

It all sounded like she knew what she was doing, there was a lot of, 'Quiet on Set' and 'Action!'

After the first 'Take' she couldn't find the video file and worked out in the end that she hadn't pressed to button to 'Record'!

Wot a Plonker!

So, we did 'Take Two' but when it was finished, the file was too long to send by email and she has yet to find a way of transferring the file to OTL's computer to be 'Edited'

It looks like we will try to do it again tomorrow, fingers crossed!

News Flash!

Have a look down the bottom of the blog, OTL reckons he may have loaded a shot or two but you may need to look sideways 'cos TM didn't know how to hold the camera!

When we got back to the Sea Wall at lunch time the tide was in and we saw a funny sight. A load of 'Mini Two Legs' marching along the path with their teachers yelling out for them to 'Keep in Line'!

Why they had to keep in line I have no idea, maybe it's a 'Teacher' thing?

OK, Keep in Line at the back!
It just fascinated me to see them marching along in a line, especially as the teachers were getting all excited about 'Keeping in Line'.

Strange, very strange!

Left, Right, Left, Right,Keep in Line!
The tide was right in and the wind was blowing the salt spray all over the place and OTL had to hide his camera to prevent it from getting wet!

High Tide!
 In the afternoon, OTL was all busy with his work and even went out twice to deliver stuff, without us!

Now that is seriously bad, I mean, us, left at home!

We are going to have a chat with Snowflake to see if we can get her to chase TM all around the room when she gets her iPad thingy out again, now that should be fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Super Star Snowflake!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Grey, Misty and Snowflake throws a Strop!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back to see you again!

This morning we looked out the window and saw there was no frost! Great! Instead it was misty sort of rain, Not So Good!

The rain wasn't heavy, Great! So we didn't need our coats on, Great!

Out we went with Old Two Legs and off to The Sea Wall, making sure OTL had our ball in his pocket!

For the last three days, OTL has been using a camera he bought some time ago and now only keeps it for his 'Gnat Shots' or anything that small.

Dead Mozzy!
He much prefers his big camera. However, the big camera has been loaded up with stuff to photograph Snowflake with different lenses, so hence the use of the older camera.

Now this camera is not as good in low light so today he tried using the built in flash with some interesting results!

Stuff the Flash, Where's The Ball!
 It made everything look like it was at night!

We didn't mind that so much, as long as he threw the ball for us. This time he was being crafty and did the 'Trick' of looking like he was doing a big throw but only tossing it a little bit in front of Holly. That also means Holly started to get interested in the ball!

I know that 'cos once she got her teeth around the ball she wouldn't give it back!

I Got The Ball, You Can't Catch Me!
Then she really hit the big one, she stood on the side of The Sea Wall, held the ball over the edge and said to OTL......
I want Daisy's breakfast or the ball goes!
Of course, OTL wasn't impressed 'cos he answered her by saying 'Give me the ball or no breakfast until tomorrow!'

OTL - 1    Holly - 0

A bit further on we spotted a Whelk Shell on the path and after we had a sniff, we decided that Mr or Mrs Corvid must have enjoyed a good breakfast!

Empty Whelk!
 When we got home, we found that Snowflake was not a 'Happy Ferret', she had decided that she didn't get a long enough run around the office this morning. So, as soon as OTL sat down she started rattling her door!

She made such a noise that OTL thought she would turn Snowy Heights over on it's side! You can see that she was in a paddy 'cos her eyes are almost yellow!

I want out........NOW!
 Well, OTL turned the light out and went out of the office for a while until she settled down and when he went back, she was sitting by the door like a good girl!

OTL then let her out and she had a great time chasing around hiding her squeaky toys and beating up the stuffed mouse on a rope.

Then OTL got all crafty again and picked up the squeaky bone and put it on his lap, gave it a squeeze,  and watched Snowflake come flying out from her hiding place and had a sniff!

OK, Where is IT!
Then OTL gives it a small squeeze and quick as a flash, Snowflake shot up OTL's leg and found the toy on OTL's lap!

Here it is!

She grabbed it and wriggled back down his legs and shot off to hide it behind our day beds.

Now Snowflake is a bit crafty herself and she knows that OTL is just as crafty, so, thinking he may have pinched some of her other toys, she shot back up his leg to 'Question' him!

OK, I'm going to ask this only once, Where's My Toys?

That Ferret can be very persuasive sometimes!

Lunch time it was back down to The Sea Wall and the tide was in, so that means the beach is mostly covered with water!

When we played 'Chase The Ball' we had to be careful it didn't roll onto the beach 'cos it may get washed away on the tide.

Well, that was OK all the time I got to the ball first, but when Holly got the ball 'cos OTL cheated when he threw it, Holly got the pickle in her and said........

Come on, lets throw it on the beach!
 We met up with a doggy we sometimes meet and she told us that this is the first time she had been out for two days, it seems that her owner wasn't feeling too well so she had to wander around in the garden instead of charging through the grass, so she was making up for yesterday and today as well!

I just love getting out for a run!
Back home for a snooze and The Missus says that she wants to video OTL with Snowflake!

Right, she can do that without us thank you very much!

Maybe tomorrow when the lights better, well that's what we said!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Monday, 25 February 2013

Cloudy, Cold & Grey, but What The Heck!

Yoo Hoo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

The Weather Man said that it was going to be Cloudy, Cold & Grey today and he wasn't wrong!

We were out this morning along The Sea Wall and I made sure Old Two Legs got a New Ball out of the cupboard before we went out.

I Got it, I Got It!
Even Holly had a go at chasing the ball but was not as fast as me and I got it first every time. That was until OTL decided to cheat and looked like he was going to throw it a long way and instead tossed it just in front of Holly as she ran after me!

Holly kept holding the ball and wouldn't give it back to OTL, that was until she dropped it and it rolled over the Sea Wall and onto the beach. OTL had to go down and pick it up!

OK, you get it then!
 That wasn't so bad, until she did the same thing again but at a point where you couldn't jump down onto the beach. I said that if she didn't get it OTL would think twice about bringing it with him next time!
OK, if he's going to show off, I'll get it!
We had a game with it but in the end gave it back to OTL 'cos if the ball rolled along the Sea Wall it could have gone into the mud and that would mean we could have been in real trouble 'cos no one would want to go in the mud and that means the ball would be lost!

Back home it was a super bowl of Chicken and Biscuits, and the chicken was warm and greasy, just like OTL cooked it last week and he made sure The Missus did like that today!

Snowflake was getting a bit of a strop on today, she woke up and started to scrabble at the cage door, so OTL let her out and she had a great time rushing around the office hiding her squeaky toys all over the place. Then came the time when he needed to put her back into Snowy Heights and she just didn't want to go in.

There was a little struggle and OTL ended up with a couple of puncture marks in his hand!

Before we went out for the lunch time walk, I gave his hand a lick to make it better and to stop him crying!

We had to get a package posted off, so after that we went off to The Forest and had a quick run around there hunting squirrels.

Sniffs like Mole really!
We searched and hunted and sniffed our way all around bushes and trees and found......nothing!

Not even OTL spotted a squirrel, the only thing he saw was a little Wren hopping about the bushes but even that was too fast for him!

We bumped into a 'Scruff Bag' as OTL calls them and we all had a sniff and a chat about the lack of squirrels before going on our way!
Hello Scruffy!
When we got to the end of the walk we heard a mighty great 'Crash' in the woods. I thought that it was a giant squirrel on the rampage but Holly said it looked like a big branch had fallen off one of the trees!

What the Woof was That!
Back home OTL went back to work, we went to sleep and Snowflake didn't wake up! I think she feels a bit guilty about giving OTL a 'Love Bite' this morning!

It looks like it will be the same sort of weather tomorrow, so we will make sure we don't put our coats in the washing machine just yet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Snow & Snowflake Bites Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Another cold morning walk and this time Old Two Legs forgot our coats! We got down to The Sea Wall and after sticking our noses out we decided that the best this to do is 'Keep Moving'!

So, straight out of the car and run like mad to where the rabbits are, nothing! A quick sniff to see who's about then run back to OTL who is wandering along the path!

We dived down onto the beach, had a quick dig and then ran up the steps, turned around and ran back for another quick dig!
Faster than a speeding Bullet!
 That was keeping us warm. Next Holly said that she was going to run down the path and I had to find her!

Off she went while I had a sniff of some grass and she called out that she was ready and off I went.

Well, Holly isn't that good at hiding, you see, rather than staying out of sight and not moving, she keeps sticking her head up to see if we are close!

We see You!
That game didn't last long so we went back to chasing around!

I found a small stick, so I picked it up and pretended to be a Bozo Labrador fetching the stick back to OTL, trouble was, it tasted Horrid!

Yuk! How can they pick up sticks like that!
 I soon spat it out again! Those dogs can keep their sticks for all I care!

We carried on and turned for the car, we got running a bit faster and OTL put his head down 'cos the wind was blowing straight into his hood and all the warm air was blowing out the bottom of the jacket!

As most of it was now downhill, Holly got a real good turn of speed, 

'Look' she said, 'Faster Than The Speed Of Light'!

Light Speed or Warp Factor Six!
Back home we had Doggy Scoff served up by The Missus, that's it, back to normal, what about the chicken legs left over in the freezer?

OTL got out his camera and several lenses and his 'Depth of Field Calculator and set up the tripod again so he can take some more pictures of Snowflake.

So, we have Snowflake doing her 'Compulsive Tidying Up' thing with her squeaky toys.

Out of the way, Ferret Coming Through!
I think that she is hiding them away so OTL can't play with them, she is quite fond of the Bone, but that was one of our toys we let her play with when she first came to stay.

However, her most favourite squeaky is  the American Football one. She says there is no doggy sniff to that so she feels that it is really her very own squeaky toy instead of a 'Hand me Down'.

'Cos before she came here, she had never had a toy to play with and call her own!

All together...............Ahaaaaaaaaaa!

Never ending Housework!
All this running around makes a ferret thirsty, so, OTL always gets her bowl of water out of Snowy Heights just in case she needs a slurp now and again!

Off for a Slurp!
After she had a drink she looked up and spotted OTL's woolly hat on top of the camera box, 'Ooo' says Snowflake, 'Is that another sort of Squeaky?'
Wossat I See?
OTL told her she wasn't going to get it, so Snowflake had a little show off and even tried to climb up the side of the case but there were no claw holds and she fell back down!

After all that chasing about she said she felt a little sleepy and was going to have a snooze on the carpet. Not a good idea as she picked the place where everyone walked in and out of the office, so OTL picked her up and put her to bed for a snooze.

I do feel snoozy now
OTL still had one more lens to try but that will have to wait until the next time Snowflake wakes up!

Later on she woke up again and did her 'Let Me OUT' rattle on the cage door, well actually, it sounded line she was wrecking the place and throwing railway tracks all over the place!

So out she came and the first thing she did was to have a look at the new lens, 'Mmmmm', she said, 'I see you're trying the 10.5mm Auto Focus Fish-Eye!' then she got a bit closer and whispered to OTL, 'Not sure if this is the right lens to use on a moving target, I think I would have tried the 105mm if it were up to me!'

Then she did a bit of jumping about and then slowed down for the 'Pose' shot, which would have been a bit of an Ahaaaa shot, except for the ferret sized nose splodge in the middle of the lens! (you can pick it out just where her head finishes and the door begins!)

OK, I can do Demure as well!
Then she went into 'Hunt Mode', that's where she goes hunting for her squeaky toy and this time OTL had it in his hand, just out of sight, above the camera.

As Snowflake says, 'Give Me My Squeaky or I'll Have Your Finger!'

No body argues with a Ferret on The Hunt!
We all settled down to a snooze before dinner and Snowflake said she had worn herself out today so she was going to bed early today. That also means she will want a runabout before we all settle down to the night time sleep!

By the way, on our lunch time stroll OTL took the Anemometer (Try saying that!) with him and said that the temperature was 1.5 degrees Celsius but when you add in the Wind Chill factor, it was MINUS 6.5 degrees Celsius!


Roll on summer!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Snow, Snowflake & Snoozes!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

We woke up this morning to some more 'Flurries' of snow and there were enough flurries to put a dusting over the cars!

The walk along The Sea Wall was 'Challenging' to say the least. Wind blowing the snow in from off the sea. Old Two Legs says that the wind, snow and weather is coming from the Scandinavian countries, well, all I can say is that they can have it all back 'cos it's too cold for us!
It looks cold and bleak out there!
 We did enjoy some new sniffs and also played a game of 'Guess Who It Is'. It's a good game and keeps us up on using our Super Sniffers!

Mmmm, Staffy and this morning I think!
Holly is very good at this!
 Walking along the beach we saw a strange looking thing up in the air, so, Sniffers set to High, we both had a guess at what it was.

Holly said it sniffed like a pine forest. I said it sniffed like mouldy pile of wood.

Sniffers Out!

Then we went up to the sniff and found out we were both right! It was an old Christmas Tree that had got washed up on the beach. Half of it was in a bad way 'cos the branches were rotting away and there were some green bits left on, so that's where Holly got the pine forest sniff from!

Five Points Each Sis!
Back home we all enjoyed a snooze, even OTL sat down and snoozed for short while, that was until Snowflake started to re arrange her furniture again!

That woke him up! So, he said that after lunch he would take some more pictures of her, especially playing with the 'Cat Tease' that OTL had repaired after Snowflake had ripped it to bits!

So, before we went out for our lunch time walk he set the camera up on the tripod and got it all focused up.

Then we went out down The Sea Wall again. It was still cold and the wind had moved around to a North Easterly! We met up with three real Bozo's!

There was a Staffy that was kept on a lead 'cos he was a bit of a bully, his mate was a big Labrador who, like all Bozo Labradors, had found a stick for his owner to throw!

Here, throw me stick!

His other mate was Poppy, or Potty Poppy, as Holly said  'cos she kept running up to OTL and making eyes at him so she got a stroke!

Go on, gissa Stroke!
Back home we all went up to see Snowflake and take some photos, but she was asleep, I mean, she was even snoring!

I was all for woofing to get her up but OTL said we will leave her until later when she normally wakes up for a game!

 Snowflake decided to wake up just before dinner and OTL tried to get a picture of her doing her 'War Dance' but she was too fast for him!

He only managed this one!

Gissa my Mouse!
Then Snowflake settled down and set about beating up OTL!

OK, Here I Come!
Then she went into 'Tidy Mode' and collected all her squeaky toys and rushed off to hide them behind the freezer!

Tidy Tidy!
Then she started to show OTL how she could sneak up by hiding in the carpet pile! She says she was taught this trick by one of her family, but she couldn't remember who!

Now you see me, Now you Don't!
Then she said that her scar was healing well and there was just a little bit of a stitch left at the bottom but it should dissolve soon.

So, here is the last time you will see it 'cos her fur is growing again!

Wanna look at my scar?

We were having so much fun that I almost forgot about this blog! So, sorry it is a bit late, but you can blame Snowflake, it's her fault!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake