Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Snowflake gets a Mate to share Snowy Heights with!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

What a day it's been! First thing we were out for our morning stroll along the Sea Wall. We met up with Mercedes, a big Bozo of a Labrador who is as soppy as they come. He was all over Old Two Legs, as normal, and was fascinated with Snowflake and wanted to 'Touch Noses'!

So, OTL lifted Snowflake up and she and Mercedes said a formal 'Hello'!

Then it was back to the jog through the grass and back to the car so we could get Snowflake all tarted up for her appointment with the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre!

She did look good, OTL had checked her all over and had given her a brush as well! She cleaned her teeth and washed her paws and claws.

We decided that Holly and I would stay at home 'cos they got a few dogs down there as well as ferrets and we would be stuck in the car and in this weather it  would be uncomfortable!

Off went OTL, Snowflake and The Missus and this is what Snowflake told us what happened!

When we got to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre, there were loads of  cages and ferrets in almost all of them. Some had more than one and we even saw a cage that had four European Pole Cats, seriously impressive!

There were many ready for re homing and a number that were kept as pets for Roy & Chris who run the centre.

I had a sniff around one or two cages and one cage had a Hob who was about four years old. So, I was put in an empty cage and this Hob, called Brambles, was put in as well. He sniffed OK and was a gentle ferret, not too bossy and wanted to make friends with me. I liked him!

Next I was introduced to a Pole Cat looking ferret called George. Now he was a bully, he jumped on top of me and bit my back and then tried to roll me over and bite my leg. Well, I wasn't having any of that and sunk my teeth into his neck, just like he did to me!

George was taken out of the cage and Mr Brambles was put back. 

I was a bit flustered and it took a little while for me to settle down, Brambles was very kind and even licked my ear to make me feel better!

Before too long I found myself in the carry cage, together with Mr Brambles and after the paperwork, we were on our way home!

OTL has made an appointment with the vet, to get Mr Brambles registered with them and also get a Distemper jab, just like I had done when OTL found me behind the shed last December!

Daisy back again.

It was a real treat to meet Mr Brambles and we got introduced to him and we all touched noses!

Mr Brambles has a misshapen rear foot and one of his toes is missing. The claws look a bit odd as well on both rear feet but he walks, jumps and plays with Snowflake and even rolls on his back for OTL to tickle his tummy, so his feet don't cause him any problems!

As of this moment (ten past five) Mr Brambles has managed to have a wee and a poo in the Poo Pot once, a wee and a poo under OTL desk once and a wee and a poo on the upper floor of their house, oh yes, he has managed to wee on the carpet as well!

I can see OTL is going to have fun teaching Mr Brambles where he should do his stuff and I can see another order going in for some more 'Animal Disinfectant Spray'!

Now I know you are just busting to see what Mr Brambles looks like, so here are some pictures OTL has taken.

Introducing........Mr Brambles!
OK, Can I do a Wee in Here?
He has been chasing all over the office and exploring Snowflakes 'Tunnels' but he seems not to be interested in the squeaky toys that Snowflake has, so that means there's not going to be any arguments!
I'm Coming For Ya!
Mr Brambles just loves to have a swim, he has been in the litter tray that OTL put some water in and he has been splashing water all over the place!

...........and this is called The Ferret Stroke!

Both ferrets have been exploring the office and because Snowflake knows where everything is she gets a bit bored, so she jumps on Mr Brambles and gives him a playful nip, then rolls on her back or jumps on his back. It's all Ferret Play!

Snowflake just about to jump on Mr Brambles!
 Mr Brambles was pleased to find out where the food was and pretty soon he managed to spot where the Ferretone was kept as well!

Is That Where The Ferretone is Kept?
Of course, Brambles just loves Ferretone and allowed OTL to trim his claws while laying on his back on OTL's lap. Brambles was slurping at the Ferretone lid while holding up his claws to be trimmed, talk about laid back!

 OK, dinner is on the table, both ferrets are asleep so we will let you know what happens down the vets tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake and Mr Brambles!