Sunday, 3 March 2019

She is on her way back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!

We hear that a storm is on it's way towards us, Holly says it's called Freer  or Friar or Fish & Chip Shop or summat like that!

There was some rain in the wind first thing this morning so, just for a change we headed off into the bushes and up the hill.

It's amazing just how much blossom there was on the tree!

Just look at that now!
 Mind you, when we got to the top and looked back there was even more blossom on the trees!
Look, it's sprouting up everywhere!
 We got to the open ground and I spotted the first bunch of Daffy Dills, Holly says that in a few days there should be loads more to see.

This is the first bunch of Daffy Dills we have seen this year!
Lunchtime Eric and May came out for a walk but the wind was getting up so they both took turns in climbing back into the bag for a rest!

Miss May was the one enjoying it most and even spent some time rolling in the grass looking for sniffs!
There's nothing like a roll in the grass!
Reading yesterdays mail we think that Sarn has got a good idea!

So, here we go and the first one to mention poo looses!

Four Flogs in a Fountain,
The first Flog did a Moo, just like a coo.

OK, who's next?

We are off to wait for The Missus to get back, Old Two Legs has just gone to pick her up from the Cat Woman's house.

A whole weekend and we bet she only did one card!

Too much gassing!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret.