Friday, 18 September 2015

Nearly! So very Nearly!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here!

You know, it has been a super sunny day today. Warm breezes and loads of sunshine!

In fact, it was so hot this afternoon we stayed in the caravan to enjoy the shade! The ferrets were in the waning, in the shade and even they said it was too hot to run about!

This morning Old Two Legs took the Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles out for a run on the beach while Holly and I had some fun on the sand as the tide was out. Then, back OTL goes and collects the Page 3 Girls for their run on the beach while Holly and I enjoy our second run of the morning!

Back at the caravan it was 'House Keeping Duties' for OTL before he was allowed to pack Holly and me in the car for an adventure!

We started off at a place called Port Logan, a very pretty harbour with a whacking great beach! I was straight into the water while Holly just sort of hovered about at the waters edge just wetting her claws!

Port Logan
 We went for a long walk along the beach which was all sand and just a few rocks to sniff at!

Well, this one sniffs fishy!
 Holly and I played chase all over the place 'cos OTL said it was 'Safe' on the beach and we couldn't get into too much trouble!

Holly got all big and brave and got her paws wet!

Thus Far and No Further!
 You know, this place was so small that the Village Hall acted as a post office for any one who wanted to cash a cheque but it only opened twice a week and the place had one public telephone but we couldn't find a post box!

Port Logan from across the bay!
 Next we went off hunting Stone Circles and Standing Stones! Now, OTL just loves these rocky places and gets all soppy trying to get 'Atmosphere'  when photographing them, so, when we saw a sign that said Kirkmadrine Stones, he thought he was onto a winner!

Off we went and after getting lost a couple of times we finally arrived at 'A Church!' Not a stone circle to be seen! The only standing stone was a cross outside the church which turned out to be a family grave! A number of grave stones have been pushed over and OTL says that it is because of a 'Health and Safety' thing. Holly says that what could happen, they were all dead so it's hardly going to do them any further harm!

Trying for a bit of Atmosphere!
 We found out that the reference to 'Stones' were the carved stones found on the site and displayed in a glass fronted bit of the church. OTL tried to get a 'Reflection Free' shot of the details but there was too much sun and reflection, still, you can get the story.

This tells you what you want to know!
 And this is one of the 'Stones' that OTL has enhanced to show the carving.

'Initium ET Finis'
 And here is the story all about it!

Rock On!
We went for a tour around the farm land and we even saw a Buzzard on a fence post!

Back at the caravan we were all ready to tell The Missus about our adventures when we spotted those rabbits again and as we weren't on our leads, well the opportunity was just too tempting!

Off we went and there was rabbits flying about in all directions and Holly and I have a great five minutes 'Hunting Rabbit'!

We didn't catch any, but we got close!

More fun tomorrow!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.