Saturday, 7 January 2012

Technical Saturday for OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here to see you again!

We've been very busy today. First of all we woke Old Two Legs up at six this morning and we asked if he was going back to work on his new printer before taking us out? He said, No, and went back to sleep for an hour! Well, we did ask him, 'cos we know how he wants to get it going properly!

'Walkies' he shouted and off we went down to our favourite morning walk, rabbits were out and we had fun chasing them down their holes. Well, we stood outside and woofed at them! It's a new game we are playing, you see, we used to go tearing around the brambles and get confused with all the rabbits running in different directions. Now, we sneak quietly behind the tree, see where the rabbits are, then CHARGE!

I Spy Rabbit!
Holly and I tried this out with an old crow that we often meet sitting on the railings!

Clear off Puppies!
This time he flew down to the waters edge and picked up a shell and was trying to open it and eat the inside, yucky or wot!

We spotted a ship moored off the mouth of the River Medway, OTL says it was there so it can have a rest before loading up on Monday morning!

Having a rest!
We got back home and had our brush, breakfast and this time OTL put on our anti flea stuff. Smells horrid but we haven't seen a flea yet, ticks by the ton but no fleas!

OTL spent all morning setting up, testing, then muttering curses when the printer didn't produce the quality of print he wanted!

Come lunch time he was getting all frustrated and cross with everyone!

So, we took him out for another walk along the sea front. It was a little blowy but not too cold, in fact, OTL has just replaced the battery in his portable anemometer, the one he used when climbing Scottish mountains, Munro's the call them and he always wants to know when it was cold enough to get dangerous! What he would do about it, half way up the mountain, I don't know, but this thing will give him the air temperature and also the wind chill temperature!

While we were out we met up with a new dog that was woofing more that Holly when she gets excited!

Noisy little Woofer!
He came running up, woofing his head off, ran away then came back for more woofing! This carried on for a while, then his owner started calling him but all he wanted to do was woof at us. In the end the owner had to come back and put him on a lead, that will teach him!

We know he was young but it is a good lesson to learn, when to woof and when not to woof!

Back home again and OTL went back to his new printer, trying different settings. You see, the picture you see on the computer screen and it's colours are not what comes out of the printer. OTL has calibrated the computer screen so he knows that is 'standard' but the printer is getting confused with the messages it getting from the computer and of course, the colours are all wobbly!

Still, it keeps OTL quiet and we knows he really enjoys the challenge!

Tomorrow, maybe The Forest if it's not raining, we may get to chase a squirrel if they are up!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly