Tuesday, 22 October 2019


Hello Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

First, the good news. Old Two Legs had put one of The Missus pinafores in the big bed on the top floor of the cage. You see, Wendy loves curling up in the pinny box for a snooze after the morning rampage around the house.

Having put a pinny in the cuddle cup she normally uses, OTL watched her get in for a snooze. Then, a little while later he looked into the cuddle cup and found Eric curled up next to Wendy!

Wendy was on one side of the pinny and Eric on the other. Now we were sure that Wendy knew Eric was there but hadn't made a move to throw him out!

So, we reckon it's a Birthday Present from the Ferrets, just for us!

Claws crossed that things get better!

It was dark when we went out and just for a change, it wasn't raining!

There was not big sunrise 'cos the clouds were all dark and grey but OTL used the flash setting just for a 'Birthday Picture'.

Two Ten Year Old Puppies!
Back home we opened our presents and ran off up stairs to enjoy our chews!

After the ferrets went back to bed, Holly and I played a game of 'Chase The Ball' with OTL. He would throw a tennis ball out of the office and it would bounce off the landing wall and down the stairs!

Good fun!

Lunchtime the sun was out and we were off down to the beach! One of the good things is that as it's our birthday, we get to have a roll without OTL telling us off!

Oi! I've found another sniff!
 Then, after a roll we had a chase up and down the beach, good fun!

 Well, after all that running we got back onto the Sea Wall and had a breather before setting off for the forest!

Which way, left of right?
 When we got to the bench we decided to have a rest and let some Mini Two Legs go past. Holly reckons it is Half Term as they had their parents with them!

It's OK, if we bark they squeal then run off!
 The leaves are still falling down in the forest and it won't be long before there will be only branches.

We had a good look but there were no Grain Rocks to be found either on the ground or up the trees!

You can see further through the trees now!
Tonight we have some special food being cooked for us, Beef stew especially made for woofers!

Yum Yum!

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes on here and the FaceAche that TM runs, and who was it that said Love To Eric?

See you all tomorrow when we will be ten years and one day old!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!