Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Winter Draws On!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, wot a Chilly Day it has been down here in North Kent. Normally we have the best weather and the warmest sunshine but today I think we got the coldest wind!

Out early this morning we didn't hang about too much. We got to The Beach and Holly and I took one look and decided to leave the 'Morning Dip' until another day!

Too Cold, Too Wet and Too Early!
Both ferrets stayed away from the water as well and it was only Snowflake who found a rock, declared it was 'Hers' and wanted Old Two Legs to take it home for her!

It's Mine! All Mine!
She sort of went off it after Brambles did a wee on it!

Normally it is Mr Brambles who rolls around in 'Ferret Sniffs' and holds us all up but today, there he was leading us all back to the car!

Even Holly got left behind at one point!

Back home it was Lambs Heart followed by a big juicy chew and a snooze until lunch time when The Missus decided she wanted to have a walk as well.

Bang goes the Rabbit Hunt then!

No, you leave the Bunnies alone!
So, all we had was sniffs and a bit of art!

Well OTL said it was a bit of art and we all had a go at guessing wot it could be.

Holly started of saying it was the caterpillar of The Drinker Moth! She remembered yesterday!

Then TM said it looked like a worm with tummy ache.

I said it was a sign left by a passing alien!

OTL was rather boring, he said it was a Stone Fish!

OK, now it's your turn, answers on a £5 note and addressed to me!

Wot is it?
OTL spotted a Dragon Fly charging up and down the side of the bushes and he spent ages trying get a picture, but, the Dragon Fly wouldn't stay still and this was the best shot!

 Mind you, he had more success with a Speckled Brown who was having a rest on the Bramble Bush!

A Speckled Brown.
Then it was back to the car and home for a little snooze before mugging OTL again!

Not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow but with a bit of luck we might see the sun again!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.