Monday, 26 January 2015

A Fine Day for Hunting Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know, Old Two Legs didn't even wear his gloves this morning when we went out! It just shows you how mild it was, not that the ferrets agreed!

They both jumped out of the bag on the way down to the beach, had a wee, and jumped back in again!

Of course, when they got down onto the beach neither of them wanted a wee and instead huddled together pretending to be frozen stiff!

We're two poor Frozen Ferrets in need of a cuddle!
Not that we believed them, five minutes ago they were dancing along the grass path and not even mentioning the cold!

Holly just sat there watching and finally said.......................

Them? Frozen? They can Kiss My Tail!
When they finally reached to grass Path they were diving in and out of the grass and rolling about all over the place!

That was until they heard 'Heeeellloooooooooooo Girlie's!'

It was Barney come to see us!

Lovely to see you all again!
We all had a chat and even the ferrets said hello to Barney. Mind you, as big as Barney is, he is still a bit wary of the ferrets. Especially after I told him about Miss Snowflake biting OTL!

Both Holly and I stayed under the desk snoozing all morning until lunchtime when we loaded up the car and went delivering down in the town. Of course, after all that was done it was off to The Forest with OTL's wellies!

I must say, it was a bit quaggy and we all had muddy paws by the time we finished, even OTL!

We hunted high and low for squirrels and at one time Holly reckons she found some squirrel poo under the leaves!

Well, it Sniffs like Squirrel Poo!
OTL spotted two squirrels but by the time we saw them as well, they were half way up a tree and chattering away in squirrel speak!

Is that a Squirrel I see Before Me?
OTL got fed up with hunting squirrel and started to play about with the camera and going Zoooom! Zoooom! Zoooom!

It took ages for us to work out what he was doing!

 Back home we crashed out again under the desk and enjoyed a super snooze and only woke up when The Missus started rummaging around in the freezer and making a terrible noise!


So, that's it for now, we think OTL will be having Gammon Steak tonight, so that mean we get a good chance of mugging him for a nibble or two!

We finally got the maps of where we are going on holiday, South West Wales. OTL has never been down there, so it's going to be new to him. He says that it's also known as Little England 'cos there are so many English down there that were imported over the last few hundred years!

Who knows, we might be able to understand what they say!

OTL told us about when they went up to North West Wales to a place called Porthmadog and when he got to the top of a mountain called Snowdon!

Well, there's no mountains down where we are going so it will be sandcastles and moats!

We see that the caravan site is right on top of a big sandy beach, Holly and I are getting all excited already and even the ferrets say they are looking forward to digging some big holes!

TM plans to do a 'Master Class' down in Pontypridd which sounds nothing like wot it is spelt!

OTL says that his ancestors came from West Wales but doesn't know if it is North, West or South.

Typical of him, that side of his family always gets lost!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to study the maps!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.