Thursday, 30 August 2012

All I wanted was a swim!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What a day we have had or haven't had!

Old Two Legs has been working in the office today sorting out loads of paperwork that he didn't sort out 'cos he was away on holiday!

So Holly and I have been left to ourselves today to try not to be too bored, but it's hard!

We went out for our normal walk this morning with OTL and the first thing we saw was a Dragonfly giving us the old 'Hairy Eyeball'!

It was as if it was trying to scare OTL away as he poked his camera closer!

Wot You Want?
After a while we worked out that he was looking into the lens and seeing his own reflection and thinking, 'I could sort him out!'

Back home we got our morning brush but I didn't fancy breakfast, Lambs Heart and Liver, you know, some times you just can't get the jaws working!

In the garden we had a wander around and Holly found a couple of snails on the path. So, we decided that they should race to the other end of the garden and the winner got some grass to eat!

Well, Holly's snail just went back into it's shell and refused to come out!

My one turned around and went the other way, saying something about being a professional racer and won't run for free!

'Lightening' the Racing Snail!
Oooo! says Holly, I'll tell the Thrush about you and then we'll see how fast you can run!

Lunch time we were down on the beach again and while Holly was intimidating some fishermen, I called out to OTL for him to throw the ball for me so I can have a swim!

OTL said that the tide was going out and it would not be safe for me to have a swim, which was a real pain 'cos I just fancied a splosh about in the surf!

Aw! Come on just a little Splosh!
Back home I decided it was time for some nosh, so I did my 'Food Please' look for The Missus and she got my bowl down and I had a royal feast, then just in case Holly got any ideas, I took some of the left overs up to my bed in the office and hid them under the cushion for later!

Tonight we have been promised some short bread, so it looks like we are to get some attention!

Bye Bye for now and keep your claws crossed for some sunny days over the weekend!


Daisy & Holly