Friday, 15 April 2011

Back to The Farm looking for more sniffs!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly with a report on today's goings on!

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning over The Fields, not too clever as it was beginning to rain and I just did not fancy getting wet! Luckily, by the time we got to the field it had stopped raining and it was just a bit windy, didn't mind that at all!

We got back to some chicken for breakfast and The Missus followed that up with some Doggy Food, not too pleased about that!

We had our normal 'after breakfast snoozett' and went off with OTL to deliver some stuff. After that, The Farm!

OTL decided that we would try a new path and let us loose on the new path once we were away from the road.

New Path, New Sniffs!
When we got to the other side of the field, there was a wood with loads of Bluebells and bunches of  Wild Primrose's, OTL tried to photograph the Primrose but he really should have a tripod if he wants to do it properly!

Wild Primrose
 We had a run around the woods and found a big chalky pit and hill that Holly and me ran right up to the top and off into the woods!

Quarry Dogs!
Well, OTL couldn't find the path that went all the way around, so we had to go back the way we had come!

We had a laugh at OTL not finding the path!

Laughing at OTL
We met up with a couple of young Jack Russell dogs, just seven months old. These two were not only noisy but they got Holly all wound up and she threatened to bite them both, so their owner took them on another path to get away from us!
Holly tells them off!
Holly was still grumbling when we met up with Peanut who was a gentle giant but Holly was a little off with him!

Holly with attitude!
Still not back to her normal self she even told the old dog fox to stay on his side of the field or she would box his ears!

A Fox in his place!
When we got back home, we had Liver for dinner, so we now have a very happy Holly and a happy Daisy!

Two little doggies with full tummy's having a cuddle with OTL, life is indeed good!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly