Tuesday, 14 October 2014

All day in OTL's Office!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, the Heating Men were back today, and rather than let us loose on the bed again Old Two Legs decided that we could stay with him in his office. So, Holly and I have been snoozing under OTL's desk!

It was really a good idea of OTL to put us in there 'cos the workmen we making such a row with their electric drills and saws and other stuff, plus the banging and crashing noise they made lifting and putting down the floor boards!

OTL was there to tell us not to worry and we even snuggled up to him, on his lap, when the men made too much noise!

This morning first thing, the ferrets were getting all excited about getting out for a walk as they didn't go out yesterday, talk about going 'Stir Crazy'!

They were bouncing about all over the place and Miss Snowflake was 'Feeling' OTL's fingers with her teeth, not biting, just feeling, it's a sort of ferret 'Glad to see you' type of greeting!

Off we went to the beach but Holly and I spotted a couple of rabbits across the field from the car park and we were off like rockets!

It didn't help that Mr Brambles wanted to get out of the bag for a wee, so while he was on the ground, OTL was watching us disappear into the distance!

Miss Snowflake was in OTL's arm while Mr Brambles was scrabbling to get down for a run and we were being chased by OTL!

Such fun!

All this running around made the trip to the beach a bit longer than normal and Miss Snowflake was busting for a wee but didn't want to get down. So she gritted her teeth and hung on!

That was until Mr Brambles tried using her as a springboard to get out of OTL's grip and he stood on her head and then on her back and dug his claws in as well.

It was then she had a little accident, well, a big one really, and she wee'd all over OTL's arm and down the front of his coat!


We finished our walk and headed back to the car park which backs onto the field where we saw the rabbits.

Holly and I were far enough away from OTL when we spotted some more!


That was it, we were off like a flash!

OTL just carried on and walked the ferrets back to the car, dried them off using our towel and put them into the travelling cage.

Then he came after us!

Now, sometimes things just turn out for the best and we saw him kneel down and photograph a small fungi, that should have made him happy and he should forget how we have chased after rabbits?

A Tiddly Fungi for OTL.
Seems not.

He came stomping across the field and we could see he was not a 'Happy Puppy'!

You know, he don't look very happy does he?
We told him all about the thousands of rabbits we had chased and the fungi we had found for him and he clipped our leads on us!

Nah! It was your fault, you shouldn't have run off like that!
 Well, it was fun while it lasted and we can always go back again!

As I type this, the heating men are still here bashing away and making such a noise but Holly and I are in the office, snoozing our tails off!

Life is good!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.