Saturday, 23 July 2011

F1 Qualifying, sun shine and a good run.

Hi Ho Woofers,

It's us back again.

The sun shine has returned, we went out for a run around the football field this morning and had a great time chasing each other until a great big Labrador arrived on the scene and let OTL throw a ball for him.

I know the ball was his but when OTL threw it, I rushed after it as well but I was not quick enough and when the Labrador chased me away I got worried and did my 'Puppy Yelp' which is supposed to say 'I'm only a puppy don't bite me!'

Trouble was, when he got too close I turned around and gave him a growl and a snap, which sort of blew the 'Little Puppy' trick!

It was OK in the end, he went chasing the ball and I went off and sniffed around for foxes!

Holly didn't seem so impressed with the Labrador, she said he was a big puppy who only wanted to chase balls, not very sophisticated like wot she is!

Holly likes sitting in between OTL and The Missus when we go out and OTL managed to get this picture of her having a peek out the front window!

Looking out the front, with OTL on Holly's right!

A little later we  out to deliver some stuff and we went to the New Park via the Doggy Shop where Old Two Legs brought a new bag of balls and some doggy nibbles for our holiday. He also brought a Ring Frisbee that he says will be fun to throw so we can chase it, not too sure about that one!

The balls were much harder than before and a little harder to 'Muller' but we will give them a good go!

AND, I got a new bed 'cos I seem to have flattened the present one by laying on the bed walls, that means that Holly and me fall out of the bed when we use it, especially if we have 'running and chasing' dreams!

We went down to the New Park again and were seriously impressed with a Big Labrador who instead of running into the water from the ramp where Holly and me go for a paddle, he went over the bridge and jumped in from there!

Have a look at these pictures, not the most elegant but wot a show off!

Launch Pad
Clearing Launch Tower
Huston we have a Problem!
Splash Down!
We thought that this was so much fun, Holly said that I should have a go like that instead of just paddling from the shore.

My reply was in the Negative and the second word was OFF!

We got back home and watched the F1 Qualifying round that was very good, Hamilton is in second place tomorrow, so, claws crossed, we should have a good race.

I'm off to try out my new bed, so bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly