Friday, 2 September 2011

A Day Working With OTL

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again!

We have been very good puppies today, we have been helping Old Two Legs get through all his jobs today.

First of all we decided that he should get up good and early so he can get some work done before it gets too hot, so, at about four this morning we both jumped onto the bed, wrapped ourselves around his head and gave him a 'good morning lick'.

I licked behind his ear and Holly licked his bald patch on top of his head!

You know what?

All he did was give us both a tickle behind our ears and went back to sleep!

We didn't make too much fuss when he finally got up and we asked The Missus to take us out for our morning walk.

On the way back, there was a house with a load of cucumbers outside the door with a notice 'Help Yourself for Free!'

Well TM took one and we went over to see if there were any carrots there, well, you never know your luck!

OTL took us out when he went delivering stuff and we dropped into Trosley Park on our way back. It was super, a long long path with trees shading the path, which was just as well, 'cos it was hot this afternoon!

Shady Path!
We went chasing rabbits and squirrels and monsters, I ended up with a load of seed pods on my nose and head, so OTL had to spend a long time picking them off. Holly was not as bad as me but she had a few on her tail!

The path looked pretty in the sun light and Holly just had to climb up onto an old log and go 'Boo' to OTL just when he was taking a photo! It really messed up his focusing!


There were some very old trees there and a few had fallen over in the storms last winter.

An old tree and it looks spooky!
We saw a climbing thingy for the children and OTL challenged Holly to climb to the top, she said that was impossible and the only thing she could do with them was to try some pole dancing!

Pole Dance Holly?
We got back to TM at home, just in time to see the chicken pulled from the oven, all well cooked and crispy, just like we like it!

Trouble was, we were just too worn out to eat it

After a snooze it was a different story!

We have been cuddled up with OTL on his chair this evening and he has given us a good brush to get rid of the nasty seed pods and other stuff, so we look all super smart and clean again.

As it is the beginning of the month, that means we get our anti flea stuff squirted onto our backs, just in-between our shoulder blades, it's all damp and runny for a few minutes and boy does it pong!

Off to bed now, and as the window is open, that means we will hear everyone who walks past. That gives us a good excuse to have a woof at them, mind you, it makes TM a bit grumbly!

However, it does show we are alert and on guard, doing our job!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (ex pole dancer)