Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back to Work!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Today we have been making up for our day off yesterday.

Work, work, work!

First of all we were doing our 'Guarding' last night, all that marching about the house making sure there was no one creeping into the house while Old Two Legs and The Missus was asleep!

Then there was the checking of OTL's work he has been doing on the computer, making sure he gets all the figures in the correct boxes!

We went out this morning along The Sea Wall and said hello to the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant and noted the subtle change in the shape of the new blooms!

A Paint Brush?
Holly says it looks like a paint brush and OTL said it reminds him of a shaving brush, which had us puzzled 'cos we don't understand how you can have a shave with a brush!

There was Mr and Mrs Corvid looking for breakfast and we woofed 'Good Morning' but they seemed too busy for a chat!

Busy, Busy!
I found an interesting sniff from one of the dogs we sometimes meet but I just could not work out how it got so far up the grass, I mean, it was a bit of a stretch for me just to sniff, never mind weeing that high!

How'd he get it right up here?

Then OTL spotted some insects and started taking photos again. The insects were rather put out as they think he is one of the Paparazzi the way he keep taking their picture!

Watch out! The Paparazzi are back!
 Back home Holly spent the morning by the side of the pond, she said she was practising for our Summer Holiday where she was going to be The Poolside Babe!

Poolside Babe!
Lunchtime, we went for a walk down to the New Park again. As soon as OTL let us off the lead I was steaming along the path that led to the Swimming Hole!

A Speck in the distance!
There were loads of dogs down there and although I had a bit of a 'Deep Paddle', OTL didn't throw the ball out for me 'cos he said that he would have trouble getting it off the other dogs!

I suppose he was right but at least I did get a dip!

We carried on our walk and ended up in the Tee Pee. Holly spotted a couple of very big Alsatian dogs walking our way and she said we should wait until they got closer then we could surprise them with our woofing.

Surprise Surprise!
As I said.........................Your on your own Sister!

Back home we had Lambs Heart and Liver for breakfast and I had left some in my bowl, so it was a quick nibble to finish it off before mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

You see, we are very helpful when it comes to food!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly