Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Machair, sand & Mountains

Yo Ho Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

What a super day today, we started off in the forest as normal, and Old Two Legs started taking some photo's of the wild life. He said he saw a Coal Tit, Blue Tit and a Great Tit. Holly said all he needed was a Crested Tit and a Long Tailed Tit and he would have had the full set!

Coal Tit
When we got back to the van we had to wait for The Missus to finish getting ready, she take sooo long getting ready that we got bored and started to have a 'Rough & Tumble' on the seats.

'Rough & Tumble'
That was when OTL told us off and made us sit still. Boring or what?

Finally we were off and we stopped at a small harbour to see if there were any Herons fishing 'cos OTL has them on his 'List' of things to photograph.

Nothing there, just a few ducks and a gull or two!

Next stop was Calgary Bay, it was Amazing!

The beach was all sand for what seemed like miles. We raced through the machair and just ran, I mean full bore, flat out, head down, tail straight up type of run.

Speed it a drug!
It was brilliant!

Holly and me went all over the beach, into the water, into the stream that ran into the sea and Holly found a super sniff she just had to roll in!

A sailing sniff for Holly!
The best bit was, we dug the most enormous hole in the sand and OTL and TM just stood there laughing at us doing it!

Dual Digging!
We dug together, then on our own then side by side and finally we threw some sand at OTL for fun!

Here's sand in your face!

Back home they would be all upset, but here, it was all fun, fun, fun!

After we had finished on the beach we went across the water in a boat called a 'Ferry'. OTL had to throw us in and out of the 'Ferry' because it was so small!

We landed on an island called Ulva which was very strange 'cos there were no roads there and you had to walk everywhere!

OTL & TM had lunch and we just had to mug OTL for some of his ham sandwich 'cos TM sat there and finished off her prawns without offering us a nibble!

Aww! Common, Gissa Bit of Ham?
We have voted TM the meanest person today because all we wanted was a taste, or two, or three!

OTL pointed out a mountain called Ben More that was in full view, it normally has clouds at the top. He told us the story of when he climbed it, again, he can get soo boring when he goes on about his mountains!

Ben More across the Loch
Still, it does look a long way to the top!

We got some liver tonight so both Holly and me have got 'Grumbly Tums' just thinking about it!

Early to bed tonight 'cos we may get to go back to Calgary Bay tomorrow, if we are lucky!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly