Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Computer Problems so Heads Down Girls!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

We were a little naughty last night, well, Holly was, but I joined in as well!

Around two in the morning, Holly has a real need for a wee, so she did what she always does, she marches down to the kitchen door and does one of her 'Wee Woofs'. The Missus heard her and did what she always does, elbow Old Two Legs and says 'Holly's Barking'!

Down goes OTL, bouncing off the walls and lets Holly out.

Back to bed and settle down for some more sleep.

Around Three Thirty, Holly gets the twinges again, and 'Woof' she goes.

TM sharpens her elbow and manages to crack OTL's ribs again and says 'Holly's Barking'!

Down goes OTL bouncing off the walls again but this time clutching his crumpled rib cage and groaning with the pain.

Out goes Holly and this time I've come down for a wee as well. Holly doesn't want a wee, she has a tummy ache from eating something not on today's menu!

Back to bed to give OTL's ear a lick for letting us out and to give TM a kick for being so cruel to OTL!

Naughty TM!

We went on our morning walk and the wind seemed to be blowing from the North, Holly thinks it is going to get colder and I agree! It didn't stop us from having fun chasing the ball and this time Holly joined in the fun.

How deep are we going?
First of all she helped me dig a hole to bury the ball in so OTL couldn't find it!

Whoops! It's jumped back out!
Then as I dropped the ball into the hole, she was digging the sand out and at the same time threw the ball out! Then she picked it up and ran off with it, leaving me to dig the hole on my own!

Mine! All Mine!
 Back home, OTL was mumbling under his breath about the computer 'Throwing a Wobbly' and he was trying to get it to do something or other. It's best to leave him on his own when this sort of thing happens, he normally fixes it but it's the fixing that seems to cause the problems!

Lunch time and we certainly noticed that the wind had moved around and was blowing from The North. We started off by hiding behind the bushes searching for Rabbit Sniff. There were some there but not new enough to go searching for them!

I sniff a 'Two Hour Rabbit'!
There was nothing newer than half an hour which really was too late to do anything, what you need is the 'Just past this way' sniff being about thirty seconds old!

Then I got OTL to throw the ball again, I showed him my 'Fangs' and said if he didn't throw the ball he was getting them in the same place where he keeps his tail!

So There!

Here I come with My Fangs!
 The Staffy heard my commotion and ran up offering her ball for a throw but I know she is much faster than me, so it was 'No Contest' before the ball was picked up!

Wanna Play Wiv My Ball?
Back home, OTL unplugged the bits of wire from the computer and left in a huff to go to the Computer Shop where he stayed for most of the afternoon.

When he came back the computer was fixed and he was off again producing bits of paper and stuff!

It doesn't take much to make OTL happy!

Snowflake has been 'Snoozy' today, she had a good feed this morning and that was followed with some raw beef mince, one of her favourite meats, next to chicken! 

OTL says that she is a bit strange 'cos she has a super Ssssh bed that is soft and hangs from the cage and swings gently. Then she has the folded up Fleece Jacket from OTL that she can crawl inside and snuggle down for a sleep.

So, what does she choose?

Yep, down she goes to the purpose built Poo Pot that fits into the corner of her cage, drags a bit of cloth into it and falls asleep in that!

There is something strange about Ferrets!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Snoozing Still!)