Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Just One of Those Days!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy here!

First of all, sorry the blog is late today, blame Old Two Legs for that, he has been slaving away over the film in the 'Cutting Room' trying to stitch together the bits for The Missus. It has been a long wait for me to get hold of the computer!

Here we are, back on the blog again!

Now, another 'First Thing'!

Good Morning Tabor Tooth, just getting up as we are going to bed!

This morning we were getting up just as she was going to bed!

Thinking about that makes my head wobble!

Down on the beach it was cold, not frosty, just wind blowing cold and none of us wanted to hang about!

The beach had been washed clean and it looked very pretty in the morning sun!

We like clean beaches!
 Mind you, Old Two Legs was faced with a bit of a rebellion, both May and April decided it was warmer back in the bag and both mugged OTL for the bag!

There was no way he could refuse, mind you, it did help when both ferrets threatened to bite his butt if they weren't allowed back into the warm!

Open the bag, OR Else!
Miss May jumped out as soon as she got to the grass path but April stayed inside and refused to come out. Now that was OK but half way home in the car she did a poo in the carry cage and messed up all the bedding, which didn't please May or OTL who had to clean it all up!

Back home the Page 3 Girls had a change around in their cage and were out rampaging around the house for ages waiting for OTL to finish and as soon as he put the last shelf up they were straight into bed and asleep before the cage door was closed!

Because of this, Freddy didn't get his rampage around the house, so, we were out a bit earlier for the midday walk. It was still sunny but a bit chilly!

Freddy investigated the beach again but couldn't spend too long on the sand 'cos the tide was coming in and he didn't want to get his paws wet!

OK, very interesting but can we get a bit higher up the beach?
Freddy was in good form today and walked or waddled a bit further than yesterday and even had a jog along the Sea Wall!

Back home OTL was instructed to 'Get his Tail in Gear' and get the film sorted, so most of the afternoon was spent on the computer.

As we got close to the car park, we were all trotting along when we bumped into a pair of Two Legs with a Little Two Legs. OTL called to us to get a move on and used our names, so it was, 'Daisy, come on', Holly, come on, here!' and 'Freddy! Come on boy'!

This seemed to amuse the TL, 'Hey!' he says to his mini TL 'Look, it's Freddy the Ferret!'

Now, you know what we are going to call him now!

In his effort to make the cage 'Interesting' OTL has placed the Poo Pots in the Page 3 Girls cage, just where they have been poo'ing on the cage floor.

So, both April and May decided that they would now have a change and poo in the other corner and the Poo Pot would be a great place to................

A New Use for the Poo Pot!

So, as we head off to bed, the Page 3 Girls have poo'd all over the floor and so far left the poo pots as clean as when OTL placed them in the corner at lunch time!

I can see there is going to be more fun with these Poo Pots before the game is over!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy the Ferret!