Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chilly, Chilly, Chilly!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

I don't know what it is like where you are this morning but we got a little bit of snow last night that was still here this morning. Just a dusting, not the real Snow Fairy, more like snow dandruff!

Snow Dandruff.

Oh my, was it cold on The Sea Wall! We got down to the car park and the temperature gauge showed it to be minus one degree and when we got out, well, I reckon if you add in the windchill factor, it must have been minus twenty degrees!

Seriously Windy!
Needless to say, we didn't spend too long on the sea front 'cos that wind almost cut us in half!

We headed for the protection of the bushes and as we got to the top of the hill Holly spotted a Bunny, sitting in the middle of the path eating breakfast. That was it, Holly got into 'Highland Charge Mode' and went steaming down to grab her some Bunny Stew!
 By the time she got there the bunny had finished off it's breakfast, cleaned it's teeth and returned to it's warm little hole!

Holly was not happy!

Around the other side of the bushes the wind was blowing just as hard and Holly reckons the temperature was down to thirty below!

Thirty below and falling!
 It was getting too cold for serious sniffing! If there was a chance of a sniff, you creep up, point your tail to the wind and sniff, but it was so cold the sniff would freeze on your nose and spoil the whole thing!

I hate frozen sniffs!
Back home to a brush, Chicken Breakfast and a snooze in the office while Old Two Legs plays with his computer!

Life don't get any better!

Well, that's what I thought until OTL got bullied by Snowflake to be let out for a run around. So, he lifted me onto his chair and out she came.

Snowflake and OTL had a super game where he would squeak one her squeaky balls, she then rushes up, grabs it and hides it in my 'Day Bed' then when she is chasing after the second one, OTL pinches the first one and gives it a squeak, then she chases after that one and at the same time, OTL pinches the one she has just hidden under the cushion in my bed!

Hey! That's My Bed!
This went on for ages and I must admit, I was getting a bit bored but Snowflake wouldn't give in and kept chasing after her toys!

She has six squeaky toys now and OTL says that she thinks they are her babies, mind you, looking at her teeth, I wouldn't fancy being one of her babies being tucked up in my bed, thank you!

Putting Baby to Bed!
Lunch time came and looking outside, the weather still hadn't improved, a real 'grey day' as OTL calls them. When we went out for our run and it was definitely a 'Quick One' then back to the warmth of our day beds!

Mind you, we went straight to the 'Rabbit Bushes' and caught several of them out in the open but either they were too fast or us being too slow, we missed out on Braised Bunny!

Still, there's always Next Time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake