Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mr Spider Gets a Meal!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Today has been an 'Interesting' sort of day. First of all Old Two Legs left early to take the big car down to the menders. So, The Missus took us out over The Fields for our morning constitutional!

Now, this morning, about two, we were woken up by something, we weren't too sure what it was but it was worth a few 'Woofs', just in case it was a Burglar or a Fox.

Then about five we decided to have another 'Woof' just as a follow up to the previous 'Woof'.

OTL got out of bed and staggered down the stairs, I'm sure he was still asleep, and opened the kitchen door for us to go out for a wee. Well, we dutifully went out and wee'd down the bottom of the garden, back in doors and straight up to bed, stopping only to pick up a half chewed carrot each that we had left downstairs, last night!

It was about six that OTL's alarm went off and he awoke and shoved us off his legs where we were resting our heads, then he said it was 'Time to get up'.....wot! Is he off his rocker? We've been up all night and need to catch up on our sleep!

Off he went and took the big car and we promised to follow later to pick him up in the little car!

Only problem was, he was a bit early and we were a bit late, so, that means OTL started to walk towards home so he can meet us.

About three and a bit miles later, he got picked up!

Well, he needs the exercise, all that  sitting in the office is bad for him!

When we got back home it was just time to go out for our lunchtime walk but the clouds had gathered and the wind was beginning to blow a bit, so, we reckon it was good rabbit chasing weather!

Needless to say, not a single rabbit was seen, not even a fresh pile of rabbit poo, nothing, absolutely zilch!

OTL however got lucky!

First he spotted a Dragonfly dancing around the plants, then it suddenly stopped.

Another Fine Mess I'm In!
It had flown into a spiders web, not a big web but enough to hold it. On the end of one of the webs anchor strands sat a spider.

The Dragonfly tried to get away but the spider was on him in a flash and injected the Dragonfly with venom. It was only a short time before the Dragonfly was not moving at all.

This won't hurt a bit!
We left the spider starting to wrap the Dragonfly up in a cocoon to save it for later, a sort of seven day, dinner, midnight snack and breakfast, all wrapped up in one package!

Yuk! Says Holly, I don't fancy a Dragonfly for dinner, those legs would tickle  my tonsils!

We were having a sniff at some grass we found interesting and OTL had wandered off on his own, (that normally means trouble!)

We got around the corner and there he was, giving this great big Alsatian a tickle behind the ear!

She was big, I mean, she could eat us both and come back for seconds!

'Hello Girlie's' she said and then told us she had been down the vet to be 'Done'.

I said I felt sorry for her and remembered back to when I was 'Done' and how sore I felt as well. Holly said she couldn't remember being done, but she has 'cos she has got the scar!

I'm a Bit Sore
I asked where she went to get 'Done' and she had been to the same vet as me!

She said that the next time she is taken down there, she may sink her teeth into the vets backside and see how sore he feels!
Next Time!
We left her and followed OTL up the path, then, he stopped and pointed out a Ladybird, 'Look' he says, 'A Harlequin Ladybird'

Then he tells us that it is an invader and is threatening our own Ladybirds because of it's size and how it can drive our own Ladybirds away.

I suppose it's a bit like Holly giving me a shove to get at my food bowl. I don't take any nonsense and just barge her back, but I suppose our Ladybirds are too polite to do that!

For the rest of the walk we kept our eyes open for Harlequin Ladybirds and kept telling OTL as soon as we saw one!

Look! Another One Here!
The car menders phoned up and said that OTL would have to wait for the car to come back 'cos they have got to get the new parts shipped in from Germany!

That all sound expensive and OTL won't like that, will he Precious!

Never mind, we will give him lots of cuddles tonight to make him feel better and then he may stop crying!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly